Financing evening news: jingle Delivery financing Hero, little red book, etc

June 8 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

application test-tube baby ask doctor 30 million RMB financing, investors is unknown. “Ask a doctor” is a test-tube baby APP, by providing the doctor and the doctor, the doctor and patients, between patients and patients with a communication tool, for through assisted reproductive technology (assisted reproductive technology, ART) help pregnant young men and women, provide full service, to improve reproductive success.

marketing automation start-ups Colabo $7 million for A round of funding, by Marker LLC led, Kaedan Capital, and the original investors Paul Maritz isoparametric shot. Colabo is one of the marketing and sales staff to provide real-time service startup cross-domain data analysis and decision, its marketing and sales solutions can be integrated LinkedIn, Twitter and so on nearly 130 kinds of online data source, automatically generate sales leads for the use of frontline staff.

electricity the whole channel management platform cloud store won A $10 million round of financing, the investor to softbank saif, the financing will be mainly used for building entire network product library, the entire network marketers of products to the cloud storage, custody. Cloud store based on the Internet “cloud services” business model, using cloud technology to solve data exchange and synchronization between the electric business platform more difficult problem.

the little red book to receive tens of millions of dollars of B round, GGV GGV capital led, GGV managing partner of Tung (Hans Tung) to join the board of directors of the little red book after this round of financing. The little red book product positioning is: to share shopping community, recommend worth buying overseas product for the user.

Indian startups Zopper $20 million B round of financing, the investor for Tiger Global and Nirvana Venture Advisors, this round of funding will be used to expand and upgrade technology systems. By Zopper, users can be from a nearby store to buy things on the Internet, and wait for business delivery.

domestic intelligent parking platform ETCP $50 million for A round of funding, the SIG, easily Shared, source of capital, joint investment partners China and business celebrities. ETCP parking parking without a stop electronic payment systems of independent research and development, based on the traditional license plate recognition technology and the combination of mobile Internet, parking lot owners focus on “parking” ETCP WeChat public or installing the APP, registration license plate number and binding credit card, can obtain real-time position around the parking lot, free parking number, yard information such as charge standard, and can enjoy the “navigation” parking space reservation, parking lot etc. The precision of application service.

jingle platform Delivery Hero won $110 million in a new round of financing. Investors for failing to disclose the name of the two public market investors. Delivery Hero in 34 countries around the world at present, cooperation between restaurant for more than 20 m, monthly order quantity is 10 million, on sales of $165 million.

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