Financing evening news: image sharing PicsArt financing, abundant nest intelligent express and etc

June 9 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

wedding service platform to find my reservation network millions angel financing, soft angel fund investors for the north. Looking for my network platform, is China’s first wedding people online booking from chengdu to find my technology co., LTD., investment operation, to let the couple easily find the most suitable wedding, including host, photographer, cameraman, dresser and so on.

carat mobile game channel millions angel financing, fund investors for the Milky Way of digital entertainment. Carat mobile game channel is committed to building to mobile game video network of new media, has been for the blue port interaction, hot and cool, harvest, touch, share, torrents, gyu, many manufacturers and distribution companies, such as reports and interviews, for XinYou online and enterprise brand publicity has opened up a new way.

intelligent weighing luggage brand “donkey walkers” 2 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the investor has many individual investors, including “the donkey walkers” founder and CEO of high feather tutor ChenZhenYu where Dr Wen-hua shi, vice President, director sun bo, Beijing Cree hai-yan huang founder da trade co., LTD., etc.

youth international education and innovation practice platform for business school for millions of Pre – A round of funding, investors in Hong Kong A well-known family. In Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, guangzhou and so on six cities fall to the ground and carried out several rounds of “design thinking” workshop, and last year after completion of the first international travel camp project young business school to think in the Internet transforming social practice project, launched “live video online + offline independent practice” mode of online education project “boring subject.

Vidooly won a $1 million round of funding, the seeds of investors for the Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP). Vidooly start-up companies is a video analysis from India. The funding will be used to get the user for the company in the global scope, and continue to product development work.

Cockroach Labs won $6.25 million in financing, the venture capital firms take part in the financing Benchmark, Google Ventures and sequoia capital. By former Google employees spencer Kim bor and other eight developers departure was created. – CockroachDB they designed an open source database, Spanner, similar to Google’s database system in a large number of the system can continue to maintain the company’s online and automatic balance between server resources.

local transport collaborative platform providers oTMS to receive tens of millions of dollars A + round the investor to become China’s capital, warp/weft and baidu. Had earlier in August 2013, purple angel fai vc investment, and in October 2014, warp/weft, baidu, purple brightness A round of venture capital. OTMS, a logistics transportation management platforms, using the “SaaS platform + mobile App” mode connection transportation, is committed to create a commercial platform for the local transportation coordination.

high-end villa rental platform LuxuryRetreats $11 million B round of funding, the investor is A round cast their iNovia capital. In 2012, after they had received A round of $5 million in financing. LuxuryRetreats is referred to as “villa Shared version of reality”.

photo sharing application PicsArt won $15 million in a new round of financing, the Insight Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital investment (Sequoia Capital). PicsArt aims to share pictures and editing for the perfect unity. Users can PicsArt mobile editing features to your own pictures and paintings for editing. Users can share with others, contact and cooperation to get inspiration, stand out in the end.

smart tank express “nest” 500 million yuan of financing, the company shenzhen technology co., LTD. By suitable abundant, nest shentong, zhongtong, YunDa, prologis jointly created, dedicated to the research and development operations all express company, electricity use logistics oriented 24-hour self-help open platform – “nest” intelligent express ark, made the platform express collected interactive business.

road tiger have Shared C in nearly $one hundred million round of funding, cheerful capital led, the far east macro letter, attendance, haitong, jun lian, ignition and investment. Road tiger have Shared business scope covers tires, maintenance, beauty, and so on several big car market after the product line. 10 core in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other cities have warehousing logistics system, the service can be covering 266 cities, cooperative stores more than 6000.

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