Financing evening news: geek software, dry cleaning guest, the second film financing

May 28 (word/WeiWen)

financial social super trading platform trading ten million yuan of the Pre – A round of Investment, investors for RedRock Venture Fund, sound customer capital, Charlor Investment, AngelVest angel valley. Super trading usage scenarios in addition to the stock trading, financial services, etc., can also make similar social media interaction between the user and establish a circle.

geek software for tens of millions of yuan B round, led by star capital and DFJ dragon vein China fund. Geek is a mobile Internet software product developer, publisher and service provider, the business mainly involves the Android & amp; IOS application game independent research and development, distribution and overseas agent.

third-party medical electricity B2B trading platform drug terminal network obtain 27 million yuan of A round of financing, led by warp/weft China, perilous peak huaxing with cast, this round of financing by grain capital letter as exclusive financing consultant. Drug terminal network aims to contribute to pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical agents/wholesale company with terminal pharmacies, clinics and other merchants wholesale trading.

laundry O2O dry cleaning guest for tens of millions of dollars, the Pre – A round of financing, the investor for Singapore’s capital. Compared to other laundry on the market at present O2O platform, only do the laundry outsourcing mode, dry cleaning guest use F2C self-built factory (factory direct user) model, dry cleaning guest in Shanghai has covers an area of more than twenty thousand flat central washing factory.

enterprise foreign exchange platform Kantox $11 million B round, by Partech Ventures, IDinvest Partners led, Cabiedes & amp; Partners with shot. Kantox users with currency exchange platform for small and medium enterprises and P2P services, which provide the exchange rate is more favorable than the traditional financial institutions.

data backup service provider Rubrik $40 million B round, by Greylock Partners led, Lightspeed Venture Partners and its existing investors to vote. Rubrik provide cloud services for enterprise users + local mixed data backup solutions, to provide “instant” function, which let users instant file back from the cloud server.

10 seconds seconds take short video application $50 million C round of financing, the investor to kleiner perkins caufield & byers, sina, red dot, Ren Quan, huang xiaoming, li bingbing joint formed Star VC. On the new version, users in addition to can use a key theme package outside, still can add filter respectively, music, especially the new watermarking and intelligent voice function.

platform (electronic signature and Dell and Intel4500 dollars capital

$233 million F after the middle of this month after a round of funding, (recently won the Dell and Intel, two tech tycoons were an additional $45 million in the start-up of the electronic signature service. Through DocunSign service, users only need through a smartphone or tablet can complete handwritten signature, exempt the user through fax or E-mail signature trouble; (also through digital signatures and other way to verify the authenticity of a user, to help enterprise users safely has the legal effect of electronic signature on the Internet.

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