Financing evening news: from a cloud service such as financing, financing baihe won 1.5 billion yuan

On May 20,


English words memory software shell angel financing for 500000 yuan. Shell words “clever combination of notification bar, alerted to the user dropdown bar, the word” shells “will display a random word. In addition, he also established a very good, “pure” English community, English corner, open the menu bar, the user can use English conversation with net friend, and can only use English.

B2B trading platform for pharmaceutical drugs terminal network to get A round of funding, led by warp/weft China, perilous peak huaxing cast, with specific investment amount not disclosed. Pharmaceutical terminal network is a medical electrical business B2B trading platform, designed to facilitate the pharmaceutical factory, medicine agent wholesale company with terminal pharmacies, clinics and other merchants wholesale trading.

from the cloud customer service for 15 million yuan A round of funding, investors for capital and hunting only let cloud customer service. It is a cloud based on SaaS enterprise service tools, after-sales service for enterprises, internal staff support service and task list, etc., in the form of a work order to accept the various sources of support service request, which targeted to improve customer service quality, improve the management level.

Little Labs seed round of funding for $3 million, by the NEA led, the money will be used for product development and expansion team, including hiring designers and engineers. Little Labs focus on developing a simple application, scenes and interesting watch, and call it “the mobile era” application experience.

European financial companies Number26 won $10.6 million in the first round of financing, investors including Peter thayer Valar Ventures, Daniel s. Aegerter Earlybird check-in and Redalpine and existing investors. Number26 open an account only takes a few minutes, by mobile phone you can learned all news, without any risk of fraud.

push by a third party service providers to the aurora push for tens of millions of dollars B round, by fosun brothers led, IDG and Mandra Capital to vote. Aurora push is the independent third party cloud push platform, committed to global mobile application developers to provide professional and efficient mobile information push service.

car accident auction platform bo Shared for one hundred million yuan A round of funding, investors have fosun brothers, new horizon capital, etc. Bo Shared is a professional network platform, can repair the car accident auction bidding through constructive total loss of accident vehicle and network, redistribution of vehicle maintenance resources rationally.

Samsara won A $25 million round of financing, the investor for silicon valley’s top venture Andreessen Horowitz. Samsara is committed to research and development including hardware, network, software and data analysis of sensor system is simple, cheap, to help those in the early time or money on existing problems of industry or enterprise user deployment of sensors.

With shield technology

$30 million B round of financing, capital led by the enlightenment, the first two rounds, IDG capital, China broadband capital investors and linear capital and capital. Fraud with shield is big data, and it is in fraud before it stop, through the way of big data, draw the negative to the deceiver portrait, so as to prevent the happening of the fraud.

data visualization company Quid won $39 million in financing, by Liberty Interactive Corporation led, Thomas h. Lee has just Limited Partnership II isoparametric cast. Quid positioning for artificial intelligence company, relying on processing millions of files, will result in the form of pictorial diagram to show it.

green unita kingsoft 44.5 million yuan investment security

domestic security companies, green unita is a wholly owned subsidiary company’s green au by 44.5 million yuan to Beijing jinshan safety management information system technology co., LTD., to invest, capital increase, after the completion of the green au kingsoft security information company will become the second large shareholder, 19.91% of the shares. Mutual agreement will work in products and solutions, security aspects and so on big data to cooperate.

baihe completed 1.5 billion yuan financing

baihe announced it has completed a new round of financing, totaling 1.5 billion yuan. It is understood that this round of investment with a total of three listed companies, five brokerage and private equity participation. Confirmed at the same time give up overseas listing plan, to land the domestic capital market, to implement the objectives and planned in years.

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