Financing evening news: fresh combination custom O2O blended the dalai, and five hundreds of financing

hunting cloud network on April 9 (word/WeiWen)

fresh combination custom O2O millions of angel investment, “blended da” products put aside in a single category sales of fruit electronic business model, combining a variety of fresh fruit to individuation custom-made solutions are put forward. At present, blended the dalai is based on the WeChat platform development, opened a fitness test, package, etc.

“express” rabbit won hundreds of millions of yuan angel investment, investors for nine vc Wang Xiao. “Express” rabbit is a send express and query the logistics information platform, the user after placing orders, express rabbit platform marki in 1 hour will charge door express bulk, and then unified sent to the logistics network. In terms of delivery, express rabbit crowdsourcing is socialization of logistics.

fresh O2O platform “five hundreds of” 5 million yuan angel financing, investors for investment. Five hundreds broke through the traditional fresh electrical business model, through DingChan, two-way transparent operation, achieved at a reasonable cost to provide a safe high quality vegetables.

India mobile payment MobiKwik won $25 million B round of financing, Tree Line by Singapore’s investment company Asia led, cisco, American express and sequoia capital and shot. MobiKwik says it now has 15 million registered users pay the money.

Rocket Internet’s fashion group GFG financing $35 million investors including Tengelmann Ventures and Verlinvest. GFG plans to invest much money for higher own-brand sales gross profit margin, and the investment and construction of related supply chain system.

India mother-to-child electricity FirstCry won a $36 million investment, by venture Capital firms in silicon valley NEA Valiant and San Francisco hedge fund Capital led, IDG Capital group, Singapore’s temasek holdings auspicious peak and saif fund to vote.

the IaaS service UCloud C in nearly $100 million round of funding, led by jun union capital and VMS Legend Investment Fund I, capital letter and DCM, bertelsmann and light. This round of funding will be used for subsequent technology research and development, emphasize system software and data fields, including talent recruitment accordingly.

cloud management platform provider Domo received $200 million D round, by blackrock collar, Capital Group, Glynn, Capital and GGV Capital to vote. Domo platform can help enterprises in the form of visual check data.

the lego box for C $400 million round of funding

Internet financial platform building blocks, box has acquired a new financing amount is around $400 million, investors were not disclosed. The relevant person in charge of building box responded that the company’s doing C round of financing, but the specific amount of inconvenience disclosed.

wheat gold take A round for haitong huge injections

wheat gold take official website homepage proudly announced “wheat suits for huge injections of gold”. But at the scene of the conference, and ultimately not announced financing amount. Founder Huang Darong explanation, innovation investment is not released the financing amount, because haitong events of the wheat gold service, unexpectedly the stock market is very big attention, haitong soared in value. So they decided to let not announced details of the financing.

New York currency exchange Coinsetter announced acquisition of Canadian exchanges Cavirtex

the currency exchange in New York Coinsetter virtual exchange Cavirtex recently announced acquisition of Canada, the amount of the acquisition involves probably around $2 million. With the aid of the acquisition, Coinsetter will expand from the United States to Canada, on the business at the same time to strengthen a new margin trading project. Are the two main functions of margin trading is to let customers can borrow money to buy stocks or COINS.

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