Financing evening news: food Foodpanda express delivery platform for financing, etc

May 4 (word/WeiWen)

online furniture and decoration company Urban India Ladder the silicon valley tech entrepreneurs Anand Rajaraman and Venky Harinarayan financing amount is unknown. A few days ago, won a TR sequoia Capital and Hong Kong Capital of $50 million in financing.

venue booking and sports circle social platform moving us open one million yuan of angel financing, users can real-time query football, badminton, tennis, fitness and other site dynamic, at a lower price online booking site; Can also release activity demand, about friends, etc., in the us open social platform to win honour and attention. At the same time, the network businesses provide MIS operating system free of charge.

travel metasearch site Viajala won $500000 in seed funding, Altabix brought by the venture capital company, recruit more financing funds to expand product development engineers and designers.

wholesale second-hand car platform “xiao pang” angel round was 5 million yuan, main around three business car small fat distribution, which mainly includes the used-car B2B + O2O model of wholesale business, dealer service platform, as well as the future online dealer financial platform.

VR video platform EEVO $1 million seed round of funding. EEVO mainly focus on strong storyline video, but other take advantage of new media production considering the video content can also be screening. EEVO hopes to establish a similar Netflix VR video platform.

mobile online English learning platform “English” for millions of dollars to the Pre – A round of funding, led by longteng capital, and suitable for the capital. Know m English is a demand for university and high school students English test, dedicated to provide mobile test tools and services online learning English.

in the analysis of satellite remote sensing data of agriculture start-up Descartes Labs won $3.3 million in financing. The company based on visible light and infrared spectral satellite images of the calibration and analysis, provide key data for agriculture.

start-up investment analysis platform Tracxn won $3.5 million in financing, investors in private equity investment institutions SAIF Partners. Tracxn is a market for private investors to launch the research platform, the company will analyze various number of startups, and then by the analysts to deal with these Numbers, thus helping investors to make investment decisions.

part-time and internships for college students to provide services to the company Campus Job $7.8 million for A round of funding, investors including Lerer Hippeau Ventures, missile, etc. Students live on Campus Job platform to fill out a personal information, can be on the platform to find and apply for a Job you want.

Singapore medical professional search site reservation DocDoc $8.7 million for A round of funding, by the Hong Leong Financial Group, President and chief executive Raymond Choong Yee How led, Sparklabs Global Ventures such as vc with pitch. DocDoc users can through search, booking local clinics and physician, or other areas.

car door platform “quack car wash” for tens of millions of dollars A round of investment, investors for 58 home. This round of funding will be used mainly for tutter wash the car market development, production capacity, in the service process, standard and regulation level and 58 home at the same time, build up the door car wash and car car beauty service industry standard of “quack”.

securities company rich way won $10 million in financing, investors including tencent, sequoia capital and matrix partners, etc. In product design and operation, more social elements, rich way tried using relationship marketing chain.

health information integration platform company Validic won $12.5 million in financing, the investor for Kaiser Permanente Ventures, the investment will be used to add staff, manufacturing products and increasing the number of devices that platform. The company’s health information integration platform is available for collection, treatment and health care company evaluation of medical devices and consumer biometric data.

the U.S. department of health technology startups Scanadu $35 million B round, led by fosun and tecent, China broadband capital, Singapore Iglobe Partners such as ginseng. The company research and development of a simple instrument can detect and scan to human body, and report to mobile phone upload level medical diagnosis.

food delivery platform Foodpanda won $100 million in financing, led by Goldman sachs, an investment company, Rocket and Internet, etc. The financing will be used to continue to expand, independent food delivery service. Foodpanda has completed the work of its subsidiary brand integration, at present the main focus on emerging markets, they in five continents over 40 countries.

Chinese website alliance platform, mobile Internet advertising technology service provider rock $200 million B round, led by Shanghai lianchuang investment, wi Harper group and jiuding investment, fang sheng, lephone investment and investment institutions. This round of funding will be mainly used in rock WangMeng global strategic business development and layout, continue to expand the scale of business, especially in the mobile Internet products, channels and the user experience.

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