Financing evening news: food and beverage management SaaS guest as a cloud, beaver home financing

on April 24, hunting cloud network (word/WeiWen)

Shanghai universities O2O orchard grade do A round of funding, strange by purple fai venture, “three organisations such as quinoa vc investment, and financing strange orchard after the money is mainly used for urban expansion. The strange orchard gross margin higher fruit category, by integrating advantages of supply chain and distribution pattern only fruit service for users.

point massage to $5 million for A round of funding, led by 58 home and cyberworks’ investment, and ficus altissima capital, this round of funding will be mainly used to open A new branch and the construction of the supply chain. Point massage to choose the first from the cooperation with enterprises, to provide services in the form of employee benefits, overcome lazy, busy, this group of health problems.

recommended mobile application platform of science and technology of corn for 40 million yuan A round of funding, by deep venture led source vc with pitch. Corn’s business covers the software development of science and technology, game application promotion and big data information service and so on multiple levels. Its corn assistant on the socialization as well as the interest of the user app recommendations, and provide free download function.

marijuana Eaze shipping service company won A $10 million round of funding, by DCM Ventures led, 500 Startups and Fresh VC investment, the investment will be used to expand to southern California and beyond.

catering management SaaS guest won $66 million B round like A cloud, by baidu and star capital leading, series A investor JingLin KaiXing capital and investment, also continue to vote in this round. Guest a cloud from the reservation link into the business management, and then upgrade for SaaS services, through the way of SaaS + hardware (tablets) for business management to internal workflow, improve efficiency.

indoor mobile marketing platform Swirl won a $18 million round of funding, C by Hearst Ventures led, Twitter Ventures, SoftBank Capital, Longworth Venture Partners to vote. Swirl based on Bluetooth LE positioning technology and the Beacon of form a complete set equipment group, in the form of hardware and software combination for retailers provide tracking, data acquisition and orientation, personalized marketing information push parsing, a complete set of service marketing scheme optimization.

social music pioneer Smule won $38 million in financing, by Adam Street Partners led, at the same time existing investors Bessemer Venture and Shasta Ventures continue to cast, with the new round of financing is done by the combination of equity and debt financing. It is to Sing! The developer of the Karaoke and MaGIC Piano.

beaver family won A $49.5 million round of funding, C by qiming led, MaiXing capital and capital and letter, A round of IDG, B wheel broadband capital continue to vote. Beaver family providing services such as the door nail art, beauty, the main “artisans, the brand” concept, independently by craftsmen service pricing.

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