Financing evening news: Face++ obtain financing, such as Star closet Star VC strategic investment

May 14 (word/WeiWen)

online education company MathCrunch seed round of funding for $3.5 million, by gather Fund, 8 Formation, the Index Ventures, Sherpa Ventures and missile Ventures investment, this round of funding will be used to extend the new user. The company adopt the way of taking pictures a one-on-one answering questions.

UK health O2O platform Zesty booking $7.2 million for A round of funding, led by innovation capital venture capital firm, qualcomm vc, Maya capital took part in the financing plan. Current investors mangrove partner, TA vc and ABRT funds are involved. The company planned to extend market in UK and other European regions.

home outfit O2O happy love nest for 62.5 million yuan A round of funding, it is advisable to investors in China wood industry. Happy love nest is a common owners and designers or domestic outfit company oriented online home outfit design software. For C the common owner, it is relatively simple operation, can quickly apply colours to a drawing gives rendering, and there are a lot of household model for selection.

job community The Muse $10 million for A round of funding, from The Aspect Ventures led, DBL Partners and QED Ventures with pitch. The Muse send inspectors to interview three employees, The employing company with photos and interview form such as video to show The company employees, The employing company page is introduced by The article that Muse staff.

cloud service providers PlanGrid won $18 million in financing, by sequoia collar, Ron Conway and former PayPal COO David Sachs to vote. PlanGrid specifically for building engineering construction blueprint for viewing and editing, the clouds management services.

Face++ completed two rounds of B rounds of additional financing, the amount of $5 million and $20 million respectively, and the investors not to share it. And had $22 million in financing, valued at $47 million B round of funding. This round of funding will be mainly used to accelerate the commercialization of the face recognition technology. Face++ is a focus on image recognition and deep learning technology companies.

Star closet Star VC strategic investment. star closet characteristics is to let ordinary people can buy stars clothes, will star identity brought about by the fashion sense directly grab in their place. The innovative ability of Star VC focuses on celebrity wardrobe and its key screens for mobile electric business platform.

tencent’s $60 million investment in the United States mobile game developers Pocket Gems. tencent will receive the us mobile game development ‘20% stake. The investment will be able to make Pocket Gems expanding global, including into the Chinese market.

healthcare platform hua tuo on-site SPA SPA Home O2O platform landing on m&a. SPA Home platform after the merger of technician will all belongs to hua tuo landing. Hua tuo landing mainly include a foot reflexology, head and neck and shoulder massage, insomnia therapy, such as opening the APP and WeChat service number two online channel.

Mr D communication mobile gaming company snow carp. the d communication announcement to non-public not more than 181 million shares, issue price of 9.78 yuan/share, collect money not exceeding 1.77 billion yuan, used to buy a 100% stake and snow carp added liquidity.

British fashion electricity Farfetch acquisition Browns high-end department store in London. the offline takeover is the hope for a small scale Browns to retail technology, innovation and marketing strategy. If the effect is good, will continue to introduce to more than 300 cooperation boutiques.

DAQRI buy AR world elder ARToolworks. DAQRI production of the product is similar to HoloLens AR helmet, mainly to provide enterprise customers a set of “4 d” production solutions, as well as the development of form a complete set of software tools. After the takeover, ARToolKit provide paid version of the tool will be free and open, original DAQRI will continue to develop.

transfer payment company LoopPay samsung’s $250 million takeover of the United States. LoopPay is a startup company located in Massachusetts, the development of technology will appear on the Samsung mobile phone payment system will be introduced later this year in Samsung Pay.

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