Financing evening news: everyday car financing, streaming music service company, etc

hunting cloud network on April 13 (word/WeiWen)

vehicle door-to-door beauty superiorly happy overhead at the beginning of the creation by IDG angel investment. by 51 cars and full founder Feng Xiaohai was created. Feng Xiaohai said will first through the car beauty services cover more private cars, the future can consider to launch car clubs, car finance and car insurance form, accessories and other products.

Thai handicrafts electric business platform Blisby won $300000 in seed round, by East Ventures and DeNA, 500 two Asian companies and venture capital. On Blisby web site, users can directly buy or sell handmade goods, the money will be mainly used to the expansion of Indonesia and Malaysia, will also be used in the site construction and improve the user experience.

3 d printing 5 million vc, jewelry jewelry Joe guest founder Yang Ning investors to bo investment. , the jewelry industry mode of production is still using the lost wax casting, low efficiency, high cost and complex process. To sell products into the jewelry store, make store, designers, factory tripartite cooperation platform, truly personal custom jewelry.

palm sugar medicine won millions of dollars to angel, investors including peace and warp/weft. Palm sugar medicine taking intelligent hardware + software mode, all the traditional hardware docking glucose meter, jingdong raise at the end of all the products online.

O2O service platform “lives” angel investment 10 million yuan, investors for fashion media group. Marriage based on those feelings, Ethan shop found based on ideas, solve social emerging mainstream consumer group and the mobile Internet inherent demand of the younger generation.

Gamma 2 commercial security robot developers intelligent robot company won A $3.5 million round of funding, is my group led by Taiwan. Gamma 2 companies and systems integrator for the enterprise to develop the security robot economical, safe and reliable, suitable for all kinds of indoor environment.

car everyday complete C round of financing, by baidu led, sequoia capital and investment. Every day has not released the specific amount, just said valuations are close to $two hundred million. This round of funding will be mainly used in the expansion of the team, improving product experience, and expand the city order matching ability and response speed, perfect lines.

Internet financial platform “win-win club” for $10 m A round of funding. after the financing, win-win club will further enrich the product line, meet the needs of more users. Improve the user experience, improve customer value-added services; The letter on big data risk control system, improve risk control ability; Optimize the structure of human resources, improve the quality of talent.

second-hand luxury goods consignment site TheRealReal won $40 million round of funding, D through its platform sales of goods are appraised by experts, to ensure that genuine, and provides smooth flow of service for the consignment, actively contribute to sales. By the Industry Ventures led, e.v entures Growth, Greycroft Growth, DBL Partners for refs.

streaming music service company completed nearly $400 million in financing, valued at $8.4 billion, by Goldman sachs and ABU dhabi sovereign wealth funds to participate in, the company with more than global asset management, and risk investment company. Company is still in the loss of the company need cash to maintain the high cost of business model.

Korean giant NCSoft500 dollars investment start-up mobile game studio

south Korean online Game giant NCSoft investment mobile Game studios This Game Studio500 million dollars. This Game Studio is a start-up mobile Game studios, located in vancouver, Canada, founded jointly by more than former Kabam old employees.

the Ann insurance estimate of A round of financing 9 billion

as the first Internet insurance company, insurance of the Ann to fragmentation, customization, scene into the main characteristics of online insurance products, combined with the Internet thinking, create a new user experience of insurance products. The Ming an insurance to meet the new capital requirements and business development needs, plans to introduce A round of investors, financing amount is $9 billion yuan or equivalent. Material, according to a newly established for more than a year of Internet insurance company has been profitable, investment valuation of about 55 billion yuan, in front of the pitch after valued at 64 billion yuan, can launch a program and predict 2017, expect market for the first quarter of 2019 of an insurance valuation will reach between 200 billion and 335 billion.

new Oriental training institutions strategic investment robot le bo le beau

new Oriental training company strategic investment robot bo le beau. Joy, joy Po in 2008 the introduction of South Korea ROBOROBO robot school curriculum. Joy, joy’s main income comes from courses, retail is given priority to, complementary. In April last year won a very serious investment fund 10 million yuan.

new Oriental, hey good future investment children training institutions, science and technology

hey, science and technology by new Oriental and joint investment in the future. Hey, technology products are mainly use motion-sensing technology, speech recognition technology in the field of early childhood education. Hey body feeling technology, science and technology is developed together with the Microsoft. Hey, science and technology as a kindergarten solution provider.

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