Financing evening news: enterprise customer service financing Udesk, Jawbone bracelets, etc

hunting cloud network on April 16 (word/WeiWen)

enterprise customer service platform Udesk won A $3 million round of funding, for DCM Chinese investment. Udesk is integration of multi-channel service platform, through the cooperation with including traditional Call Centre and microblogging, WeChat, App, the integration of the channel such as email, eventually the user feedback together to the same interface, convenient and the personnel of the service operation.

smart lock manufacturers UniKey won A $10 million round of funding, by Asset Management Ventures, AXCIT, Broadway Angels, CBRE, ff VentureCapital, Samsung, Haas Portman, Oriza Ventures and investment institutions, such as shot.. New money will be used to develop the business, the realization of international expansion.

south Korean film and television special effects company Dexter won a $10 million investment, investors for dalian wanda group. Wanda group had booked for Dexter investment quota of $5 million, and when the sicong as a “director” on behalf of wanda group visit to South Korea, in the negotiations on the spot, decided to investment double, wanda group makes Dexter’s second-largest shareholder (13.3%).

“drops that marijuana” product Eaze received A $10 million round of funding, investors for DCM. This round of funding will be used to further expand the market, radiation from San Francisco to more places. Eaze main selling point is top of clinic pharmacy and high-end consumption.

the Acorns won a $23 million round of funding, C by Greycroft Partners and e.v entures led, such as Sound Ventures, Garland and Capital etc. Acorns can automatically when users use a credit card or debit card shopping help the user to spare change for diversified investment.

delivery room service Sprig won $45 million B round, by Social Capital and Greylock Partners led, investors also includes White House chef Sam Kass. Sprig emphasises the, make delicious health food is easy to get, they are very pay attention to the quality of the food, as far as possible the use of additives, organic ingredients.

bracelet brand Jawbone won $300 million in financing, investors to BlackRock. On April 20, Up3 bracelet will be on sale, the price is $179. Up3 and Up4 will be equipped with including heart rate, hydration level, body surface and ambient temperature sensor, can be used with the Jawbone Smart Coach.

goods plus won StarVC investment

Internet financial platform announced rate for loans obtained by Ren Quan led Star VC strategic investment, and strategic upgrade platform for the whole industry chain of the Internet financial platform, and will brand replacement for goods ( Products include Internet “optimal” small sound financial management products, mortgage loan product “E room easy credit”, “E” loan, credit loan products “building E is borrowed” borrowed “E” salary, stock and products and services.

source capital to complete the second phase of fund raising: $150 million + 200 million yuan

source capital to complete the second phase of fund raising, reached $150 million + 150 million yuan of funds. In addition to the issue of funds with Wall Street stocks outside of ceos of listed companies continue to invest, seven a-share listed company CEO and second phase of international institutional investors have also become A source of capital fund investors. Source of capital focus on TMT early investment. Issue of funds in areas such as finance, O2O, B2B Internet for more than 40 innovation enterprise invested, including interest in installment, PP car rental, a mu field and other business enterprises.

Menlo Ventures to raise a $400 million

Menlo Park Ventures announced won 12 investment in the company’s history, the total amount is $400 million, the total amount of funds under management of $4.4 billion. The latest consumer technology company, the money will be used for investment and enterprise technology companies. Enterprise technology including network security, cloud infrastructure, big data, as well as the software as a service; Consumer technology including electric business platform, vertical electric company, as well as ordering service and mobile applications.

handicraft electricity Etsy determine the IPO price, $16

the handicraft electricity Etsy announced IPO price, is $16 per share, the valuation of about $1.8 billion. Etsy shares traded on the market today, Goldman sachs, Morgan Stanley and Allen & amp; Co is Etsy IPO underwriters, Etsy shares will be traded on the nasdaq stock market, Etsy will sell more than 16.7 million shares in an IPO, is expected to be completed on April 21.

the pleasant P2P lending plan in the second half of the IPO

China P2P network platform and pleasant loan credit plans IPO in the United States, raised about $300 million. Pleasant credit valuation could reach $2 billion. Pleasant headquarters is located in Beijing, the appropriate letter company of business of the parent company is engaged in the credit management. Pleasant loans could become the first overseas-listed Chinese credit platform. In 2014, the United States similar company Lending Club and OnDeck listed in New York.

PaaS start-ups Engine Yard acquisition of open source cloud platform Deis parent OpDemand

to provide developers and operational application PaaS (platform as a service) start-ups Engine Yard announced acquisition of start-ups behind open source tools PaaS Deis OpDemand, but did not disclose specific trading, Deis will remain open source after the parent company was acquired. Engine Yard platform can support the Ruby, Python, Go, PHP, Node. Js, Java, Clojure and Scala development environment, is the first generation of cloud orchestration and deployment automation solution provider.

yahoo’s proposed $900 million acquisition of location service Foursquare

yahoo’s proposed $900 million takeover of geography information service enterprise Foursquare, its products include local search with the same name for Foursquare Swarm and a social application. Several people familiar with the matter confirmed that both deals ongoing talks.

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