Financing evening news: e maintenance such as financing, for $142 million, and sina weibo drops quickly

May 27 (word/WeiWen)

WeChat enterprise service chang move information by Pre – A round of funding, the investor as the source of capital, valued at RMB one hundred million. WeChat enterprise business director says, “enterprise can completely and service integration, establish the enterprise internal and external connection, become an important fulcrum of O2O.” Chang will have to do, is to help enterprises achieve the connection.

Taiwan independent news website critical comments A million-dollar A round of funding, investors including North Base Media, 500 Startups, and Lionrock Capital, founder and chief executive harry kumar, venture capitalists Herbert and angel investor Jim wu. The specific amount of financing has not been revealed and will probably be between $1 million and $2 million.

API development platform Postman $1 million seed round of financing, Venture investors for Venture capital firm operator Nexus. Postman is committed to provide API development platform for software development teams, functional limitation trial version for free, fully functional version of sync with the clouds, price is $49 a month, support 10 most developers use at the same time.

to massage shop O2O “at 7 o ‘clock” angel financing was ten million yuan, the investor to lenovo. At 7 o ‘clock is a O2O to store massage, foot care, SPA, Chinese medicine massage services platform. As a mobile platform, he will provide users with location-based nearest technician recommend, will be offline craftsmen on the user’s mobile phone screen, the entire process to users and to the end of the shop after booking.

source distribution platform “sellers net” 18 million angel financing, investors for investment in new century. Layout of taobao sellers network traditional clothing wholesale market distribution and derivative distribution system to provide technical platform security, build online and offline entities source distribution platform. The current distribution platform service scope covers the cosmetics, the outdoor supplies, maternal and child supplies until industries and overseas online shopping supply of goods.

the yue bao garden/China completed 30 million yuan A round of financing, the investor to the HaiDing front and long mau fund asset management co., LTD. Yue bao garden brand originated in the United States well-known nappy Romp n ‘Roll. Romp n ‘Roll in the United States belong to high-end early education brand, is famous for its with big classrooms and complete curriculum system.

Qiao Butang for tens of millions of dollars A round of funding, for morningside venture capital investment. Qiao Butang on your resume, is planning to forge a career development tools from the simple resume service platform. On the job resume platform to produce a resume of last year was about 1.5 million. At present, job resume has been cooperation, and the country’s 900 universities accounted for one-third of the total number of national colleges and universities.

e maintains A $20 million B round, YouKunLun ten thousand d led source capital positions and A round of venture capitalists. E maintenance to provide customers the earliest vehicle inspection report, the first to realize technician, order information management, the fastest to establish archives maintenance model, the first to implement the standardization on-site maintenance.

housekeeper help won 120 million financing round B

the housekeeper for a $120 million B round of funding, from proprietary B2C vertical services actively integrated family service platform based on transformation. Housekeeper in domestic service help enrich their supply chain, from housekeeping waiters recruiting, training, provide source, to door service access to the supply of fresh, daily necessities, family service integration solution to the surface.

fish at B round, amount, or $25 million

small fish at home officially announce B round end, investors including innovation works, become AnZhen capital, foxconn and the speed of light. Small fish at home can realize mobile phone remote control, audio and video communication, voice interaction, intelligent recording and intelligent learning, etc.

weibo $142 million and a new round of financing for drops quickly

weibo last night filing with the securities and exchange commission (SEC) file, according to the company agreed to the latest round of funding in drops quickly to invest $142 million to the latter. Weibo did not disclose the investment proportion of equity, drops quickly the latest round of financing scale is unknown at present.

ctrip recapture Priceline2.5 $investment

Priceline will invest $250 million extra for ctrip. The investment will be through the form of convertible bonds, ctrip has agreed to Priceline through acquisition of ctrip’s American depositary shares in the open market (ADS) to increase its ctrip shares. Along with ctrip in August 2014 to $500 million in convertible bonds issued by Priceline, Priceline could hold at most 15% of ctrip shares outstanding.

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