Financing evening news: e generation driving, music, sports AltSchool $100 million in financing

May 5 (word/WeiWen)

51 IDC security service providers DNS for angel round, specific investment institutions were not disclosed. DNS is a 51 IDC security service provider, to provide a DNS lookup, domain name hosting, domain name security solutions and other services.

children local activity information service platform “stupa” 4 million yuan angel round, led by the onion fund, changzhou venture with pitch. “Treasure” is a children’s local activity information service platform, to collect interesting parent-child activities, including parent-child swimming, photography, performance, food, talent training and so on.

film animation surrounding O2O sales platform to diffuse the camel for nearly thousands of Pre – a round of financing, the investor for HongTai fund. Diffuse the camel is committed to quality goods, affordable film animation surrounding shopping experience, makes the film animation surrounding the channels of the real thing. In addition to electricity, diffuse the camel flood of information, sharing, communication construction community.

housekeeping O2O “jia commission fang” ten million yuan of the Pre – A round of financing, the investor to control financial fund. Started with jia commission fang is special, because from offline (chain retail stores), therefore is directly in the only project a B2C model, through self-built supply and service standards to emphasize the standardized service output.

“master” door to door massage platform ten million yuan angel rounds of financing, the investor is a well-known investment institutions. Manager and master for individuals, families and businesses to provide one-stop health assessment, continuous health records management, expert master massage therapy, famous doctor visits and other services, door aspires to become the most professional domestic private health management platform.

third-party trading platform for mobile game ten million RMB financing, from the venture capital, the blue port interactive close shot. Five mobile game in domestic trading platform, the new mobile game account inventory level and volume are the first, 7 sold rate of 41.9%, the daily volume thousands of accounts. For mobile game of trade is given priority to with unit price higher finished product account transactions, gold trading is complementary, therefore the guest unit price of 300 yuan of above, more than the industry average, 3 times now for mobile game in water is close to do.

second-hand car trading platform “101” $10 million for A round of funding, the mountains led all over the world, the speed of light AnZhen with pitch. After 101 is used car cut in marketing cloud platform, for the domestic second-hand car companies to provide comprehensive data management services, primarily to dealer B end, products mainly used a key. Earlier this year, 101 formally C end users with second-hand car trading service oriented.

children assembled PC suite Kano $15 million for A round of funding, by Breyer Capital led, Collaborative, etc for refs. The A round of funding will be mainly used for expanding the core product, Kano will through A combination of hard and soft, in Kano OS system development more software applications and more adaptive computer assembly suite has extensibility supporting hardware.

e generation drive $100 million D round, valued at $800 million, after the completion of financing by warburg pincus collar, the previous round AnZhen venture investors matrix partners, the speed of light to cast, Thai joint venture the sole financial advisor for this transaction. After completion of the financing, e generation drive will strengthen product technologies and services.

le regard sports won $100 million in financing, financing an estimated $450 million, after the completion of the future or independent public. Le regard sports universal coverage of important domestic and international sports events, including the NBA and NCAA, CSL, WTA and ATP, China, and other international competitions and rights of the CBA.

personalized education AltSchool won $100 million in financing, investors including the raised Fund, zuckerberg, Andreessen Horowitz. Its software platform based on self-built, according to the characteristics of each of the students of different teaching plan. AltSchool to personalize education model, the development of customized education hardware and software, and can be copied to other countries in large amounts.

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