Financing evening news: driving exam service easy driving test, carpooling software 51 car financing

on April 10th, hunting cloud network (word/WeiWen)

driving exam service easy driving test 3 million yuan of the second round of angel investment, financing led by a foreign institutions, the original founding team to vote. Easy driving test puts forward the concept of driving exam treasure dian, from subject to subject four integrated information to users, to provide more comprehensive driving test information. This round of financing is mainly used for the improvement of the product features and market development.

C2C platform that rent a house “love straight rent 5 million yuan” angel round, “love straight rent” is a rent to intermediary platform, real information released landlord, tenants can clinch a deal directly or to seek help platform housekeeper. Love straight to rent to tenants and landlords are free, the future will move through cleaning and other value-added services, financial services and advertising revenue gains.

online store platform “rice has won millions of dollars” A round of funding, investors for IDG. Have m is an online community convenience store based on LBS platform, users can WeChat ID/App to place an order, convenience store businesses by offline entity for free distribution. Merchants can choose on their own business hours, send amount, etc.

lai can media angel investment 12 million yuan, for partners China investment. Lai could in media positioning is content production + + marketing content electrical contractor, in addition to content production itself, but the media of PGC team agent content marketing service, this also is for the sake of further to build ecological this goal, the investment premium content team is also in lai’s plan.

laundry O2Oe help angel investment 13 million yuan. e washing help is sichuan traditional laundry brand beauty day joined the O2O a online product industry, currently in WeChat ID order as the main operating way. Team is currently set up the visual tracking system in the process of laundry, do dates back all the way, let the laundry every link can be seen by the user.

augmented reality engine InfinityAR won $5 million B round, SUN investment institutions, including Japan mobile game company Corporation, New Zealand investment Fund Singulariteam Fund II, etc. With the aid of this round of financing, InfinityAR entry into Japan.

home outfit O2O “cool knorr” completed $10 million B round, investors as GGV capital, IDG and hurst’s capital. After this round of funding will continue to strengthen research and development and marketing. Users will be able to find a match on the cool knorr decorate plan, the homepage search box type community name, you can see the corresponding model figure, after choice door, cool knorr will recommend similar family decorate plan. If satisfied with the scheme, users can directly contact, domestic outfit company stepped into the stage of implementation.

51 domestic carpooling software company car round C in tens of millions of dollars, by baidu led, sequoia capital and other institutions joint investment, its investment in the exclusive financial adviser for this transaction. 51 cars in commuting time, provided by the owner to passengers one-on-one, point-to-point, standard price of car service, car owners and passengers can be roughly a lift.

Indian taxi service Ola for about $314 million in financing, by Russian billionaire yuri milner’s Internet investment company DST Global led, Accel Partners, Tiger Global, Steadview Capital to vote. Ola claims to the Indian version of Uber, in addition to being able to call a taxi, can also hit the human tricycles and electric tricycle.

LinkedIn15 $$to buy Lynda

the United States announced the professional networking site LinkedIn for about $1.5 billion to buy online learning website, The deal will be in the form of cash and stock, cash accounts for about 52%, the stock part accounts for about 48%. Is expected, the transaction will be completed within this quarter. Lynda focuses more on the vocational education, more attention to vocational training of practical skills.

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