Financing evening news: clicking buses, trucks for financing, Lyft, etc

May 18 (word/WeiWen)

small office rental service MyCuteOffice seed round, amount is unknown, the investor for angel network company Lead Angels. It is equivalent to the reality in India, the main business for the rental office space. Office space can be according to the hourly, daily or monthly lease, commercial activities and therefore more flexible.

fashion electricity Indonesia Bobobobo won A round of funding, the amount is unknown, the investor for Indonesia’s second largest Media Group Emtek Group, A subsidiary of PT Kreatif Media Karya. The company hopes to become Indonesia’s famous fashion lifestyle electrical goods brand, and try to connect their own design and Indonesian young people.

infants hospital WIFI services bei lian technology for investment, investors for the product will, investment amount and the percentage shares is still not clear, the valuation of nearly $200 million. Mr Lian technology is a focus on mobile Internet companies of maternal and child health, at present the main business is in the national women’s and children’s hospital in laying WiFi, provide network services to visitors.

outdoor/O2O platform Tinkergarten won $500000 in angel financing. Tinkergarten for 18 months to 8 years old children to provide services, it will be the parents’ demand for standardization, according to the age, time, season, the types of activities and may exercise to children’s quality classification for activities, meet the diverse needs of different families.

Tissue Analytics won $750000 in financing, tencent led. Wound Tissue Analytics through smartphone camera photo, the system will automatically measuring various data of the wound, such as wound surface area, length, width, quantitative wound healing, avoid traveling between users in a hospital, and doctors remote management more convenient user.

women beautiful beauty O2O company to 10 million yuan angel round, sole investment by China and the capital. Beautiful to mainly to provide door-to-door beauty services for high-end women consumers, solve the modern women due to busy with work and family care cosmetic problem.

new mobile speed applications Neumob won $2.3 million in seed funding, investors including Accel Partners, Shasta Ventures, Menlo Ventures, etc. Neumob for Android is a mobile application, it by itself with other mobile phone applications and the combination of the browser implementation speed, and provide a VPN and application of network services.

medical startup Silversheet seed round of funding for $2.9 million, by the Upfront Ventures, and Rincon Venture Partners, SV Angel, missile Ventures and other companies have to vote for. Will use the money to build the platform, the realization of digital automation and medical records, medical records in order to save the manager’s time.

Indian national costumes electricity IndianRoots won $5 million in financing, investors in the United States KJS logistics and supply chain management Group, the funding will be used to improve the site logistics capability, and expand market share.

clicking bus financing was 42 million yuan, including 5 million yuan in 5 million yuan of angel round and A round. Clicking bus with large data aggregation mass user requirements, through the intelligent matching the user and the line binding, using dynamic scheduling approach to meet the user requirements of different regions and time, according to the assigned pattern to arrange bus scheduling.

mobile medical startup medical technology letter $10 million for A round of funding, morningside venture led, softbank China and shot. Main products for the health of children class APP “mommy knows”, products and services mainly in north shenzhen three big hospital doctor online consulting, pregnancy pediatric knowledge popularization, personalized baby growth record, etc.

open source cloud platform EasyStack $16 million B round, by the mountain venture led, half of investment and A round blue ventures and investors. EasyStack based on it is a cloud platform and service providers, in 2014 launched the asia-pacific the elastic hybrid cloud based on it in the first paragraph of the product.

online education company to learn music $100 million B round, by haitong kaiyuan collar, this round of financing is mainly used for the optimization and upgrading of products, improving operation and service. LeYun teaching is a service in the areas of K12 teachers and students before class, class, after class normal day-to-day teaching application platform, effectively improve the efficiency of routine teaching between teachers and students.

line feed fresh $180 million B round and figure capital led by day, association set up investment (A round of the investors), easy to float to vote. Line feed fresh original online booking offline community self-help delivery procurement mode, with e-commerce as the carrier, in village intelligence fresh distribution station, for service point, provide people with convenient, fresh, parity, safety of agricultural and sideline products.

van van O2O enterprises help for hundreds of millions of yuan A round of funding, the tripod venture led, tencent, DCM and other agencies to vote. Traditional transportation informationization, the organization degree is low. And set the “empty” and “source” via the Internet, reduce truck empty, greatly improve the efficiency of the truck driver.

Lyft taxi software companies in the United States won $150 million in financing, the activist investor Carl icahn’s company led icahn enterprises, capital injection amount is $100 million. To note that this round of funding is Lyft announced on March the continuation of the same round of investment, at that time, Japan’s electricity giant lotte led, Lyft raised funds of $530 million, valued at $2.5 billion.

ali yuantong, tencent for huitong the world

logistics Internet company huitong the world announced the investment agreement with tencent, complete C round of financing. Huitong the world early investors tripod venture capital with the financing deal again. Freight huitong the world owns the Internet platform of the G7, the G7 said can help logistics team connected vehicles, drivers, the owner, all the key elements such as highway, refueling, and vehicles by millisecond big data.

jingdong $171 million strategic investment kingdee

kingdee international software group and jingdong jointly announced a cooperation agreement, jingdong will pay hk $1.3 billion ($171 million) cash for about 10% of kingdee. Kingdee and jingdong plan a strategic partnership, hand in hand for the small and medium-sized enterprises to provide ERP integration solution based on cloud services.