Financing evening news: China interconnected seventy million RMB A round of funding, PillPack won $fifty million C round of financing

5 June (word/WeiWen)

super club hui 3 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the angel investment team integrity as personal investment. Hui is a super club people pursuing life convenient lazy design oriented shopping software, it is based on LBS and C2C e-commerce, real-time to near the village residents and merchants set up information platform, build a network shopping platform.

campus electricity O2O night buy 6 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the investor is worked with vc. Night for colleges and universities focus on O2O segment of the market, 5 minutes to provide instant delivery service campus “online store”, providing services such as online booking snacks, drinks, daily necessities, minimum 3 yuan, 5 minutes delivery “in bed”.

holidaying “child swims” won $1 million in angel rounds of financing, the investor for changzhou high-tech. The angel funds will be mainly used for the improvement of the children’s swim team, “mobile terminal technology research and development, tourism talent library and expert’s library expansion, parent-child swimming the establishment of a standardized, as well as south China market promotion and so on. Children’s swimming 020 tourism project positioning for the mobile Internet, lines formed products mainly adopt the UGC and PGC mode.

wine O2O platform chain wine angel round was 10 million yuan, the management for poly cinda (China) industrial group. “Chain” is a collection of cloud stores, financial system, invoicing system, membership system, distribution system for the integration of the mobile Internet O2O tool, for traditional offline entity retail terminal stores realize own fine management and the transformation and upgrading of O2O provides powerful software and service support.

Internet platform torch that rent a house to rent 10 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the investor is well-known angels xue barbarian and JingLin capital. Torch renting flagship of all homes are 100% from intermediary, the concept of zero commission owners straight rent without differential mode.

wine social applications Dr. Wine for millions of dollars to A round of funding, the investor for SIG susquehanna Asia. Dr. Wine is a type to label scan recognition as a tool the entrance to the social applications, is for vertical niche crowd love wine.

car home quick fix 20 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the investor to ahab international group. Car home quick fix is a start-up after service O2O enterprises, through all the vehicle maintenance and repair, maintenance, beauty of one-stop service. Committed to using the Internet and mobile Internet, integration of advanced management system and unified supply channels, optimize the efficiency of automobile service market after the original industry.

Middle East online hotel reservation company Yamsafer $3.5 million B round and investors for Global raised Capital and Sadara Ventures. Yamsafer business model and the online hotel reservation company and

foreign trade service new amounts to 30 million yuan A round of funding, led by hna group. Wide new group for guangdong province state-owned foreign trade group, which owns eight traditional state-owned foreign trade companies, wide new e-commerce company’s “new” service for the independent research and development operations of foreign trade integrated electric business platform. Under the driving of capital, wide new electricity company will concentrate on the development of vertical integration new 4.0 platform, the platform will be achieved the integration of the whole process of foreign trade business and documents operation

pet social + O2O smell $6 million for A round of funding, by innovation works collar, pre – A Buddhism capital of the investors continue to an extra 10 million yuan. Users can share in the “smell the nest” and the baby of their own life, brush the other pet owners of print, or interact with other host connect and lines. “Smell the nest” provides medical care, hairdressing, training, foster care, matching, etc. 11 categories of local services.

IT profession online education platform of the north wind network $64 million B round of funding. North wind net is an IT education website, employment and enterprise solution oriented, providing services such as online course, YY of network teaching, the north is mainly for video training course, early is given priority to with programming, late to expand diversified, curriculum design with more practical for the principle, to provide is the mode of teaching + + community employment.

main products do overseas destination sea play network for tens of millions of dollars B round, led by day figure capital, sequoia capital, the source of capital and capital and hong ping. Sea play stick product straight way, by directly in destination to find local beer and skittles resource provider of the product.

China interconnected for 70 million yuan A round of funding, led by baidu, guangdong zhongke zhongke baiyun and dongguan zhongke and China merchants group. China Internet media is China, a subsidiary of urban public traffic Wi – Fi business, mainly be responsible for the city public transport wi-fi networks in China research and development, construction and operation, and provide the Internet value-added services to passengers.

PillPack for C $50 million round of funding, the CRV led, SherpaVentures, Menlo Ventures, Accel Partners and Atalas Ventures with pitch. PillPack is a medicine online order service startup, in addition to outside on drug delivery, it will also help patients to send the door to do more personal use simplified service. PillPack will be associated with the user of the commonly used prescription pharmacy, prescription information, the medicine into the simple packaging for the unit with the day, and with the user instructions.

stone for financial gain Shanghai state-owned asset fund 100 million yuan investment

cast financial platform officially for the Shanghai state-owned asset fund investment 100 million yuan, refresh the governing fund of Internet financial record for a single investment. Cast financial launched on May 19, 2014, is a real investment (Shanghai) Internet financial information services co., LTD., founded by Internet financial platform. Certified financial person has more than 100000, clinch a deal amount more than 500 million.

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