Financing evening news: campus O2O curtilage meters, big financing innovation of xinjiang

May 7 (word/WeiWen)

entry tourism service platform Jetbay won $1.6 million in angel rounds of financing, the investor for HuaYan capital. Jetbay aims to provide customized travel services for overseas tourists inbound. Different from traditional tourism services, Jetbay will tailor the daily schedule for tourists, tour not only contains the Great Wall is the famous tourist destination, also add some popularity low quality sites.

farming electricity “animals xing net” 10 million yuan angel round, animals and net is focused on the areas of agriculture and animal husbandry industry vertical third-party online trading platform, feed, veterinary drugs, farming equipment, vaccine and biological products, and other commodity categories, and various online services tools, for farming and animal husbandry, including market, disease diagnosis and treatment, such as industry social Internet service.

health counseling software are age 20 million angel round, well highlighted consulting and register function. The registered function greatly simplifies the previous version of the complicated operation process, the user may at any time, the source of information. Consulting function is to break the original graphic consulting is not true, transparent, built the new video advisory function.

campus O2O “curtilage” for tens of millions of dollars A + round of strategic investment, investors for staging, bertelsmann. Curtilage meters with high frequency fast disappear as cuts, through each dormitory building to recruit a storied building agent model, layout the last mile logistics in colleges and universities, the depth of the roots penetrate the market.

unmanned aircraft manufacturers was big xinjiang innovation won $75 million in financing, the investor to Accel. The financing will push average xinjiang in the expansion of the global market, and promote the development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) industry and its ecosystem.

Internet financial Affirm completed a $275 million funding round, including debt financing and equity financing, by Spark Capital Growth led, Jefferies, Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners to vote. Businesses to apply for opening Affirm after service, when consumer is buying their products, you can choose payment by installment. Will Affirm according to consumer of all kinds of information to determine whether to give him the choice of payment by installments.

cloud HR service Company Zenefits won $500 million in financing, valuation soar to $4.5 billion, by fidelity investments, Research Company and TPG led. Zenefits is a help small and medium-sized enterprises to manage employee compensation, health care, social security, vacation and other issues of the company.

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