Financing evening news: asset management, financial management, flowers express love rubik’s cube is flowers such as financing

May 11 (word/WeiWen)

A P2P service platform in fujian 6 million yuan of the pre – A round of investment, investment from domestic well-known angel investors. A yipin focus on structures, P2P service platform of small-scale peasant economy, the use of idle rural labor force and surplus of land resources, through the mobile network platform, set up a set of standardized quality control system of ecological agricultural products and traceability system, pattern of “distant mountains side” the rural producers and urban consumers direct docking point to point.

XianXia technology (within the existing network) grade do A round of investment, valuations $, investors for calyon KanZhiDong subsidiaries and abundant capital, the company plans to start new three board listing plan in years. Since it would launch a study tour “zen” hand, combined with the ancient three kingdoms era of universe myths fantasy theme as the background, set operations, blow, sensory leisure as one of the horizontal version combat hand tour.

“financial rubik’s cube” intelligence asset management application 10 million yuan angel round, led by the bat and capital. “Financial rubik’s cube” feature is able to track the user financial product revenue, for all kinds of financial products and search out the function of the various financial products.

flowers express “love flowers, yet for tens of millions of yuan to finance, led by in the capital, and several agencies. Love is flower is a O2O flowers brand, leading global city flowers sent straight and O2O flowers express delivery, and through self-built cold storage and flow process of flowers plant, the supply chain through flowers.

Internet financial enterprises pay melting treasure for tens of millions of yuan, the Pre – A round of funding, pay melting treasure will maintain “safe, healthy, transparent” mode of operation, the operation funds for promotion, research and development of mobile terminal, develops the market, after investors registered capital, etc., continue to improve the user experience, expand market share.

part-time cat application of “science and technology of nine tails” $3 million for A round of funding. “Science and technology of nine tails” part-time cat is the main project is the domestic leading part-time APP, but the market share remains to be improved. Launched at the same time they also known as the “principal” micro letter of the third party platform, for college students to provide customized services, through technical and operational support, help college students entrepreneurship.

Beijing music pet technology co., LTD. $29 million C round of financing, the investor is new hope group. The company doing business around the pet, pet supplies including electricity, pet community, etc. Hope to use pet including electricity, mobile community, the accumulation of large data into the industry. Pets are in addition to a capital injection, and in the supply chain resource integration.

the third party marketing technology company second hand data system for over $50 million D round, led by primavera capital, the financing of capital investment will be mainly used for equity structure optimization and mergers and acquisitions. Second hand system claims service more than 70% of global and China top one hundred brands.

Pinterest $553 million G round

Pinterest released in March, on the basis of $367 million in financing, $186 million has been added, thus completing G round, raise a total of $553 million. The new financiers have Wellington Management Company and Goldman sachs, and previous investors Fidelity Investments, Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer Venture Partners, FirstMark Capital, SV Angel and Valiant Capital Management.

transmate mobile electricity Wish raised, or more than $500 million

VC experts revealed that a financial documents show the mobile electricity Wish the parent company of ContextLogic last November authorization to sell more than $130 million worth of shares, and in February this year agreed to sell up to $415 million. That is to say, Wish would have finished the round of more than $500 million in financing, and valuation of about $3 billion. Wish is a C2C mobile electric business platform, it has created a set of own recommendation algorithm, according to the user on the Wish of buying behavior, with waterfalls flow form for users to recommend they may be interested in.

the take-away O2O giant Just Eat6.87 $to buy Menulog

the take-away O2O giant Just Eat Menulog denounce is gigantic endowment $687 million takeover of the Australian delivery company, the move is to enter the food market of Australia and New Zealand Menulog take-out platform is a company founded in 2006 in Australia, at present, the platform has more than 5500 restaurants in Australia and New Zealand, has 1.4 million active users. In the three months ago, Menulog finished with mergers and acquisitions of local rivals Eatnow. Just Eat profit points is charged to the restaurant and order is divided into “shelving fee”, listed in London in April last year.

cisco said will buy Tropo, complement collaboration areas PaaS services

Tropo is a cloud application development of Taiwanese businessmen, its charge mode and the mainstream not too big difference, is the product itself is free, according to the usage or enterprise custom charges. Platform currently has more than 200000 developers, cisco hoped to quickly optimize their cloud service platform of the ecological environment. After the takeover, cisco’s customers will be able to direct communication services in the cloud rapid development.

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