Financing a week hui: last week were disclosed 43 financing, door-to-door service greatly increased

May 30 (word/WeiWen)

in addition to the financing evening of 6 p.m. daily, hunting new “financing remit a week” cloud, now is adjusted for every Saturday to meet with everyone, including education, finance, automobile transportation, housing, health, tourism, O2O local life, games, advertising, intelligent hardware, style, enterprise services, social, electricity, tools, various categories.

last week (5.23 ~ 5.29), hunting cloud network included financing successful event 44 (due to various factors, collect may not complete, the number of financing amount nor do endorsement, judge is only for market). Compared with the previous week, less in number 11. O2O financing quantity increased dramatically, local life hunting cloud network notice massage and beauty, the largest proportion of voice but also has more and more questions about service effect, merging mode from “panda” and “point chou-heung” hand in hand after already open, hope after the largest service experience to further improve.

contrast, electricity and enterprise services on the quantity and proportion of decreased significantly. Car traffic class flat, focus in the field of on-site maintenance.

O2O local life nine

the door massage O2O magic magic angel financing amounted to one million yuan, the investor YunZhi investment of hangzhou. Magic magic use non-standard mode, platform technicians each have different massage technique and guest unit price, with technology more good chiropractors can charge more expensive for the standard, aimed at platform with an open attitude to serve the demand diversification of technicians and users.

to massage shop O2O “at 7 o ‘clock” angel financing was ten million yuan, the investor to lenovo. At 7 o ‘clock is a O2O to store massage, foot care, SPA, Chinese medicine massage services platform. As a mobile platform, he will provide users with location-based nearest technician recommend, will be offline craftsmen on the user’s mobile phone screen, the entire process to users and to the end of the shop after booking.

aesthetic will be given $5 million Pre – A round of financing, capital investors for racing. Aestheticism will O2O platform firm serving the B side (stores), launched the “beautiful clouds”, “beautiful people”, “service angel” series of products, through the “cloud” as the “people” to provide services, the combination of “person” and “cloud” to “will”, “will” is based on a beautiful, healthy, harmonious ecosystem.

the United States food take-away O2O website Chef ‘d won $5.25 million in financing. Unlike traditional VC financing, Chef ‘d financing from the raise, this will make the Chef’ d on the business model and autonomy more flexibility. Chef to users’ d buy food ingredients. By celebrity chef demonstration, users learn cooking skills, it can enhance the user engagement.

laundry O2O dry cleaning guest received tens of millions of dollars the Pre – A round of financing, the investor for Singapore’s capital. Compared to other laundry on the market at present O2O platform, only do the laundry outsourcing mode, dry cleaning guest use F2C self-built factory (factory direct user) model, dry cleaning guest in Shanghai has covers an area of more than twenty thousand flat central washing factory.

door-to-door beauty O2O beauty director won A $15 million round of funding, this round of funding will be mainly used for the background technology system upgrade and expand the market and the expansion and training beautician team. Is a mobile Internet based beauty director provides door-to-door beauty services O2O platform, the platform beautician are full-time employees.

the housekeeper for 120 million B round of funding, the housekeeper for a $120 million B round of funding, from proprietary B2C vertical services actively integrated family service platform based on transformation. Housekeeper in domestic service help enrich their supply chain, from housekeeping waiters recruiting, training, provide source, to door service access to the supply of fresh, daily necessities, family service integration solution to the surface.

every day orchards won $70 million in financing, by jingdong collar, SIG and wenkai capital continue to throw, the money will be used in the infrastructure investment, the national business development as well as the development of the upstream supply chain system. Everyday orchard, dealing with the origin of orchard directly from the origin of replenish onr’s stock, decrease of wholesale and retail, to control quality of fruit and circulation time, reduce the loss of price difference.

food reservation service Munchery won $85 million in financing, valuation to $300 million. Investors to Menlo Ventures, Sherpa Ventures, etc. Unique Munchery food delivery service: the customer must before eating the food in the microwave heat for a few minutes. Most meals cost $10 – $15.

tools service class seven

refueling services application “easy oil” won A round of funding, venture capital and investment. Easy to go is a mobile phone on the go application services, is committed to help users quickly find the right refueling points.

egrets era B round, value exceeds 1 billion yuan, the investor is a deep vc and matrix partners etc. Egrets era is a type a platform technology company in the field of it. The egrets have launched including engine, visual editor, accelerator 12 products.

by tens of millions of creative led shine A round of funding, led by the starting point of venture capital, h&q Asia Pacific venture-capital firms. Lead creative fine provide image recognition is a function of the mobile Internet technology company, its core is through the application of image recognition technology, make consumer photograph commodity or pictures, can obtain information about goods and promote instant purchase.

the United States the application of someone to help you walk the dog Wag won $2.5 million in seed funding. Before accepting the dogs for a walk, dog owners can make appointment in advance and walking the dog, to get to know each other. Dog owners can also see a dog in the application of “path”, know where their dog is currently, but also know when his dog in the urine.

20 million yuan pocket part-time A round of funding, the investor for guangdong zhongke merchants. Pocket part-time part-time recruitment, focus on the college campus are classified into student client app and the app, launched in January 2015, has been 400000 student users, mainly concentrated in guangzhou pearl river delta region.

Qiao Butang won $10 m A round of funding, for morningside venture capital investment. Qiao Butang on your resume, is planning to forge a career development tools from the simple resume service platform. On the job resume platform to produce a resume of last year was about 1.5 million. At present, job resume has been cooperation, and the country’s 900 universities accounted for one-third of the total number of national colleges and universities.

10 seconds seconds short video application received $50 million C round of financing, the investor to kleiner perkins caufield & byers, sina, red dot, Ren Quan, huang xiaoming, and set up a joint li bingbing Star VC. On the new version, users in addition to can use a key theme package outside, still can add filter respectively, music, especially the new watermarking and intelligent voice function.

car traffic five

13.5 million yuan ba shi4 bus transit application A round of financing, the investor group for the country. Ba shi4 bus around chengdu city bus station navigation, recommended transit way, more than ten thousand bus real-time location query, sign at the bus electronic display, getting on or off the alarm clock to remind and bus news information interaction, tianfu card balance over the query and the surrounding living services, etc.

policy net $10 million in A round of funding, led by the source capital, angel investors day ze information and, at the same time the company changed its name to “logistics”. Its focus on inter-city freight, by integrating the individual truck, to provide transportation service for manufacturing companies, and responsible for s cargo damage, transportation delay. Commitment truck 2 hours door-to-door pickup, rate below the market rate of 10%.

the door motoring services “yi bang” won the first round of financing of $one hundred million. Grace driving focused on O2O auto after market service, provide door subsidy, the car door, the door add, owners can through the APP, WeChat, 400 telephone reservation service, technician can provide the service time and place specified in the owner to come.

e maintenance won $20 million B round, YouKunLun ten thousand d led, A round of investor capital positions and source. E maintenance to provide customers the earliest vehicle inspection report, the first to realize technician, order information management, the fastest to establish archives maintenance model, the first to implement the standardization on-site maintenance.

Carvana won $300 million in financing, second-hand car trading company Carvana is a comprehensive business model, in the field of automobile vertical integration of purchase, repair, car credit, and other functions, it is directly from the C end, transport company and the auction house to buy a used car, sold to consumers, rather than just an online trading platform.

electricity five

procurement service one-stop platform wanshang collect millions of angel round. Wanshang send claims of the world’s first B2Q e-commerce site, its content is divided into two major parts. The first plate for the traditional procurement plate, offering traditional release product information, online purchase transaction services. Technical services, the second plate for engineers to provide employment service engineers and technical personnel.

source distribution platform “sellers net” 18 million angel financing, investors for investment in new century. Layout of taobao sellers network traditional clothing wholesale market distribution and derivative distribution system to provide technical platform security, build online and offline entities source distribution platform. The current distribution platform service scope covers the cosmetics, the outdoor supplies, maternal and child supplies until industries and overseas online shopping supply of goods.

A third-party medical electricity B2B trading platform drug terminal network series A $27 million financing, led by warp/weft China, perilous peak huaxing with cast, this round of financing by grain capital letter as exclusive financing consultant. Drug terminal network aims to contribute to pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical agents/wholesale company with terminal pharmacies, clinics and other merchants wholesale trading.

luxury curiosa of electricity net 60 million yuan A round of funding, the investor to match fast deer equity investment fund management co., LTD., Shanghai macro tidal center and gene capital investment. Treasure net to take six months to a year in the future mobile side entrance, occupation of the user in the intelligent terminal for the first choice to buy luxury goods.

electrical contractor review site Trustpilot won $73.5 million round of funding, D by Virtruvian Partners led, DFJ Esprit, Index Ventures and its existing investors for refs. Trustpilot focused on online consumer experience sharing and review, in order to guarantee the authenticity of the comment, Trustpilot use technology and manpower to remove water army comments and malicious slander.

enterprise service four

API development platform Postman receive $1 million seed round of financing, Venture investors for Venture capital firm operator Nexus. Postman is committed to provide API development platform for software development teams, functional limitation trial version for free, fully functional version of sync with the clouds, price is $49 a month, support 10 most developers use at the same time.

WeChat enterprise service chang move information by Pre – A round of funding, the investor as the source of capital, valued at RMB one hundred million. WeChat enterprise business director says, “enterprise can completely and service integration, establish the enterprise internal and external connection, become an important fulcrum of O2O.” Chang will have to do, is to help enterprises achieve the connection.

the data backup service provider Rubrik won $40 million B round, by Greylock Partners led, Lightspeed Venture Partners and its existing investors to vote. Rubrik provide cloud services for enterprise users + local mixed data backup solutions, to provide “instant” function, which let users instant file back from the cloud server.

flash supplier Tegile won $70 million round of funding, D by Capricorn Investment Group, Cross Creek Advisors and August Capital existing investors join together. Tegile according to different size of enterprises with flash memory optimization solution, to help them improve the running speed, optimization of storage space and save operating costs.

smart hardware three

shenzhen small make love technology co., LTD. 10 million yuan of the Pre – A round of funding, the east brought the cast 8 million, 2 million remaining in jingdong stake the raise. Shenzhen small make love technology co., LTD. Is a company specializing in the research of intelligent sex toys of high-tech companies.

motion sensors France PIQ won $5.5 million in financing, by foxconn collar, Ginko Ventures, Orkos Capital and Swisscom with pitch. Wearable sensors PIQ focus on production design, and cooperate with sports equipment manufacturers to enter the motion sensor. PIQ design of sensor for all user provide the relevant data monitoring and analysis of the movement of data visualization, help users to better understand the sport, improving the quality of movement.

fish at B round, amount, or $25 million. Investors including innovation works, become AnZhen capital, foxconn and the speed of light. Small fish at home can realize mobile phone remote control, audio and video communication, voice interaction, intelligent recording and intelligent learning, etc.

education class three

children education application “small with dragon” won tens of millions of yuan B round of investment, investors for good future. 0 to 8 years old children can use the “small with dragon” APP ACTS as the protagonist, and the cartoon characters in the APP “small with dragon” learning, adventure, to complete the task together, enjoy learning and exploring. “Small with dragon” also singing children’s songs, dance, back to the tang dynasty, meet the demand of children all-round growth.

the yue bao garden, China completed the 30 million yuan of/A round of financing, the investor to the HaiDing front and long mau fund asset management co., LTD. Yue bao garden brand originated in the United States well-known nappy Romp n ‘Roll. Romp n ‘Roll in the United States belong to high-end early education brand, is famous for its with big classrooms and complete curriculum system.

please he taught 69.5 million yuan online education A round of funding, the plum blossom venture, new venture capital letter, 51, chairman of com, famous investors Wu Shichun, sing CEO Chen et al, this round of financing will be used to introduce talents and expand new city.

cultural and sports three