Financial rubik’s cube: big data analytics intelligence assets under management applications

(word/jing-jing fan)

with the rise of the Internet financial balance treasure, network, P2P, etc before you know it, already has a 150 million users, more than 2500 Internet financial platform to provide a “gold mine”. But, always someone in a seemingly has too fierce competition of the market to find a new path, hunting cloud network recently interviewed finance might be one of the rubik’s cube.

finance rubik’s cube is mainly for the middle class provides asset management services, mobile Internet change in December to form a team, and recently announced by the bats capital led 10 million angels. Founder Dr Yuen rain is tsinghua university computer high performance computing, once in Intel, shenzhen qinghua institute brief engaged in research work, founded in 2012 to provide intelligent recommendation, subscription and sharing service of social music platform, bayesian network, a year after the takeover talks with baidu, after baidu music to lead the team to build support large of tens of millions of users personalized data mining and recommendation system.

and SigFig, Personal Capital, financing rubik’s cube using big data to provide users with tracking profits, the investment optimization, the asset allocation of the one-stop service, have a baby money, bank financing, trust, P2P, fund five products. Finance rubik’s cube data have covered the domestic 391662 of the 1947 financial products and financial sales platform, is the most complete financial data collection platform in China. Rely on the financial data cube provides users with cut in various financial category of earnings, and document tracking cross-platform earnings buy financial products, to help improve your financial gains.

in the eyes of the yuan rain, there are many different kinds of products in the domestic market and also have different between the same kind of product, user is difficult to choose suitable products. Financial rubik’s cube formal captures the user of this pain points, from P2P risk rating, stand in the Angle of the 2 c, through specific data to tell consumers the real situation. Rubik’s cube is very have an advantage in data, which combine the central finance and economics, a think-tank, analysys, comprehensive and accurate data and rich; Second, it combines the traditional financial theory and data analysis, to approach the objective and fair.

now a lot of Internet finance is similar to P2P, is actually to the enterprise or the risk control of the borrower. Financial risk rating rubik’s cube is for risk control of P2P platform, coupled with the 2 c, have been supervised its risk control in consumer point of view. “We will introduce the ratings to products, designed to tell consumers how the rating evaluation, consider what factors, different factors of the score of each company is what kind of.” Yuan Yu, “financial products are now the biggest problem is a lot of information is not transparent and we want to put this thing as transparent.”

rain, said yuan finance rubik’s cube is just an information platform, the subsequent will will be carried out after the complete data and rating the intelligent information technology business. Allows users to complete one-stop investment on mobile phones. “The threshold of the private bank is very high, 10 million, ordinary people can’t enjoy this kind of service, we hope that after the Internet, it will move to private banking service free of charge for mobile Internet users, help people produce value 10%.”

Rain also revealed

in the end, the yuan will gradually improve user tracking function returns, through understanding the capital situation and risk preference of the user to provide personalized information. Users purchase is completed, according to the suggestion directly into a real purchase tracking, so as to realize the real private banking services.