Fat fighter: reduced fat community online game will help you lose weight successfully?

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when it comes to weight loss, weight loss software on the market can be divided into custom recipes, calories calculation, motion tracking, teaching guidance, etc. And hunting cloud network recently watched “fat fighter” will enter the path to choose on the reduced fat online community.

fat fighter is health science and technology Beijing co., LTD., its products, founder of gray is a medical student eight years, there are serious health serial entrepreneur to the plot. Health company to begin in three tenors crowd, after the early products of trial and error, adjust, will breakthrough point for the public, the first product fat fighter’s target audience is a demand for people to lose weight. Fat fighter in 2015 officially launched on March 19, the team has 15 people.

gray said in an interview with hunting cloud network, the business purpose is to change the unhealthy life style, therefore, fat fighter concept of the main health community, the early stage of the product is relatively simple, but later iterations of planning has been completed. “Most of the products on the market is much for social, community, do you want to be fat fighter is community, which can include different types of weight loss, different rules, someone teach you how to lose weight, also somebody involved in weight loss, the power of the weak relations play to the extreme.”

fat fighter’s product design is similar to a weight loss of interest group, the user can be found in the diet group and similar to their own people, find identity in a relatively open environment. But the difference is that fat is not only a stranger in fighter social, also has social acquaintances.

gray imagine a scene, a couple of girlfriends after eating dinner found that want to lose weight you can build a group of weight loss in a fat fighter, together with weight loss records, pk between each other. In addition, fat fighter will increase enterprise users, “enterprise HR products as a tool to organize activities, can be used for offline pk interaction.” Gray said, want to in the product more in the future is happy, playful, in different ways to increase more happy elements, connect users.

it is known that fat fighter offline team have a gym in Beijing last year, personal training studios, yoga and other offline resources have been included in fat fighter, the background, the future hope to join the biggest loser in the group to organize online or offline activities, will be fat fighter become more flexible.

the last gray interview or to hunt cloud network, according to the company’s future will consider to do with health related hardware products, she thinks that the hardware of the intelligent community is the biggest entrance and is not a personal, not social.

as for the business model, gray said, at present only accumulation of users, focus on user activity. Fat fighter was completed at the end of 5 million the angel financing, is currently in the Pre – A round of funding.

to be honest with you, it is difficult to adhere to the drudgery of weight loss, a little App can have how old auxiliary role reducing weight, fat fighter reduced fat community play and the experience of what can bring you and surprise, remains to be seen, hunting cloud network will also continue to pay attention.