Fastest neglected apple product philosophy: do not do, just do the best!

as usual, PC makers began to Montana industry to remark upon the apple’s new product. Apple MacBook new products of high resolution? Asus and dell did. Ultra-thin? Lenovo YOGA series have indentation 13 mm in thickness. The high efficiency of the new apple computer CPU and lenovo, has been applied to the products last year. Look at the wow! Apple, your innovation is no longer dominate.

push blow the hype behind such PC manufacturing company shows these tall, competitors within apparent insecurity. By inadequate disclosure of new apple products for apple products to contain public adoration is a good method, but low contrast apple users don’t satisfaction, these methods such as tap, useless.

do you really think that thin design can let users tolerate bad apple competitors touch control board and short battery life?

as a high-tech companies should understand one thing, now the Internet speed is not (absolutely) competitive, quality is.

in 2010, dell Streak series first published five inch smartphone, its screen size has become the representative of android devices. But since there is no sell dell smartphone.

dell Streak series is the cause of the failure, there are many, the speed of it hasn’t been able to save these big or small quality issues. The same problem from the turn of the century was plagued by Intel’s mobile Internet devices. Intel is the pioneer of ultra-thin tablet, but poor battery life and chaos of user interface design is that it’s products shortcomings.

we are living in the era of mobile Internet, but in the early generation of mobile devices has been completely unable to meet our needs. We are into the era of smart watches, gold after 10 years of Microsoft intends to break through self work – SPOT watch stumbled in the market. In the way Microsoft after the speed of new product launch.

product release speed is necessary but not sufficient condition to success. The only, and the first product success is the combination of necessary and sufficient conditions. This is why personal computer makers advance wave upon wave of fall ultra-thin fuselage of the chase in the army.

both are necessary. If you want to become more competitive brand of computer. Must be made in both areas. Only do the fastest one is obviously not enough. Apple has eaten kui on this. Apple MacBook Pro series first make Retina screen, but it is struggling on improve screen pixels.

with down the speed is a blind and foolish. When you want to buy a new mouse, you appear in the market is to choose the first laser mouse and choose the best on the market the mouse. The results are obvious. So also for personal electronics, good idea can be replicated. In the long term, the best quality that is likely to become a consumer favorite choice.

apple favorite reference data is its user satisfaction, because it can reach almost 100%. But the company new product released is the fastest in the industry.

take HTC, it launched the new product may not be slow, even in some areas is leading many people: it published aluminum mobile phone, seven inches tablet, domestic smartphones, these all defeated the apple on the speed of each record. Apple is just their own each performance do better, and then is popular.

the quality is more important than speed. This is especially obvious in the high-tech industry. The speed of new product appear almost as fast as the speed of their demise. I’m looking forward to new product matched the apple to. Windows 10 coming soon, I wish may be able to achieve. But until now, matched the apple opponent appears to be lost in the details and ignore the really important things. Beat apple, focuses on the product quality and is not beyond his victory over it publishes the speed of the product.

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