“Faster than others copy apple” samsung, is recovering

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samsung and apple confidential work become more and more difficult. Both the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6, or by samsung hope Galalxy S6 Edge before the official launch, by the media of burst. As we previously reported rumors, the Galaxy S6 abandoned plastic material, basically perfect used metal and glass material; While S6 Edge on the basis of Note Edge, to take on both sides of the hyperbolic screen design.

Galaxy S6:5.1 inch 2 k Super AMOLED screen, screen brightness at up to 600, samsung own Exynos carrying 7420 eight core processor, 3 gb of memory, flash memory 128 gb/32/64, its front-facing camera is 5 million pixels, the rear in support of 16 million as the optical image stabilization. Charging battery capacity has shrunk, but faster.

samsung dilemma now is various, but if from themselves to find the reason, once the design of the stubborn and cheap material feels dye-in-the-wood, let more and more high taste of “samsung target users” feel bored. Since last year, therefore, samsung carefully adopted metal, boldly introduced qu bing mobile phones.

samsung mobile phone is not bad, if there are no apples on the market, so the world’s largest mobile phone market profits will be samsung. If the market did not appear since the rise of “local mobile phone brand” samsung will continue to be in the market firmly grasp the largest share of the smartphone market.

but everything has changed over the past year. Has always been bad-mouthing apple, after being complained that “there is no jobs type of disruptive innovation”, not only continue to grab the biggest benefit, but also more the Android’s market share. A batch of emerging markets such as China, India, local phone, was eating into samsung does not have any “moat” low-end market. Not only that, even if samsung is committed to open up a new field of wearable devices, also face after the way of thorns, strong army “.

Galaxy S6 Edge: configure the same as the S6

how to save the fall to the bottom of your mobile business (mainly smartphone)? Samsung on the WMC gives the answer: in the design must be breakthrough. And break through the baseline is according to apple. Ok, as long as it is apple do are samsung right away. Best is more than it, if not surpass, also want to do as good as apple.

samsung Galaxy S6 in many places you can see the shadow of the iPhone. Fingerprint identification is no longer a press type, but changed to Touch and Touch ID; The bulge on the back camera and iPhone 6, virgo are crazy; Samsung released the Samsung Pay, is institutions and Banks, intention in the field of mobile payment challenge Apple Pay…

even in Android and iPhone biggest gap between the “system” level, samsung also making changes, with the bells and whistles of 40% less than the S5. Samsung on the system side and not far away from the Android, but in a more close to the original system. The reason is very simple, can at the system level and iOS 8 compete, only native Android 5.0 (or similar).

in the design and the effort of samsung, is hope with copy apple’s model to save themselves. All those late more than apple, but late is better than not to come. Although smartphones, including Chinese manufacturers, OEM are target their to apple’s “transcendence”, but for now, most likely to finish the task is still a samsung. In addition to apple, in the high-end market, samsung is still relative comparison to provide users with the best experience (software and hardware together).

what’s more, samsung has been qu bing, wearable devices walk in the forefront of the industry, whether you like don’t like samsung smart watches, samsung in a series of products or smart watches the lion’s share of the owner, although the market volume is not large, may even be Apple Watch from behind.

there is no deny that samsung is in decline, but samsung has more time than other people to save themselves. More and more “apple” samsung, we think that is a good thing, especially in the design, more and more on the “flagship” high-end positioning. Apple style design pursuit + more and pure system, the latest mobile payments, and other functions, samsung is with the trinity, the strategy of the game. Maybe for samsung, to don’t need to do a subversion of innovators (and, of course, S6 Edge qu bing is a possible subversive innovation), it just need to keep up with the pace of apple, is faster than other Android Allies, only can let him continue are among the best in the smartphone market.