Fast health: 1 hour main health express delivery, focus on big health industry in the future

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cloud network hunting note: fast health belongs to the chrysanthemum group holdings, fast health is a start-up companies in chengdu, founder and CEO of high from zhaohui, at the same time he is also a chrysanthemum group general manager. At present, the main business fast health is selected online health food (supplies) electricity and 1 hour fast delivery service.

high from zhaohui to introduce cloud network hunting, “what do you want to be the beginning is the mobile Internet related business. Have two choices, one is the drive chrysanthemum music group, the overall transformation of the Internet, and the second is completely from scratch to create brand. But the former than the latter difficulty bigger, only innovation, and it is difficult to complete, so I chose the latter, to create a brand.” At present, the form of products including fast health APP and WeChat mall, focus on the mobile Internet.

fast health mode is simple, can understand it, is the traditional healthy choice supermarket sales channels on the mobile phone, combined with the back-end ERP, supply chain, warehousing, logistics system to improve the traditional mode of ascension user consumption experience, to help users save time and energy.

the relatively high-end target user groups, comparison pay attention to the quality of life and have higher purchasing power of the user. In addition, for the future main user groups (85, 90), time and efficiency is very important, so do the 1 hour home delivery service. “Which is founded at the beginning of the fast health decided to do this, is not a simple marketing tool.” High from zhaohui said.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, at present the fast health electric business platform of the SKU has more than 400, covering 12 categories, are food, supplies, basic food is enough to cover life, articles for daily use.

competing goods, may compete with fast health relationship includes three categories, a, traditional business enterprise transformation, combined with the mobile Internet O2O mode of play, such as the red flag of chengdu area fast purchase attempts are being done; Second, the emerging mobile electric business platform, mainly B2C mode, such as love fresh bee; Three, social way to integrate small business super, connection supermarkets and consumers, including motion and jingdong.

this high from zhaohui said, we think it’s a bit like wal-mart and Watson, the relationship between the both sides have the need and value of existence, and can develop very well. Health do health class is selected, the other players do is all category, there is value on both sides.

supply chains, in combination with chrysanthemum music group, traditional industry for many years accumulated experience and resources, with the support of the group, in the aspect of supply chain management is handy. Stock aspect, because of its main products are food, so the demand is high, basically be outbound to consumers at home in the day, articles for daily use of class in about a week or so.

so, Internet talent to preempt the traditional enterprise’s market share is not terrible, terrible is the traditional enterprise management experience and resources of people at the same time also understand the Internet. This kind of team often can make things a and live well.

logistics, fast health using self-built + social cooperation mode, the top or bottom to deal with the order. According to hunt cloud network understanding, at present there are more than 70 healthy fast Courier, average per person per day around 40 list, the rest of the order part by through cooperation with a third party to resolve.

in fact, the fast and healthy team formed in the end of 2013, in 2014, launched in October, since the formal operation, about 6 months or so. Has accumulated more than 20 users, three-ring plus business coverage is chengdu high-tech zone. Development is relatively stable, good promotion is also done to push in combination with other conventional means of promotion, to push accounted for about 70%, other 30%, if current user volume, to push the team executive ability is quite strong.

planning, quick health recently will expand the business scope to ring, and try to do business in chengdu, as soon as possible after will give preference to second-tier cities as well as individual cities for business development. In addition, the business level of planning, not only provide selected health food service at present, the future will be in-depth excavation of the “big health industry” and other content, who and health related content can be added, select proprietary or cooperation way for users to provide more comprehensive services, imagine space is quite big.

team, high from zhaohui, responsible for the operation of colleagues from Tmall, director of logistics system from the amazon, technical aspects including senior staff from tencent, experience and resources are relatively abundant, and more capable. High hunting cloud network also learned from zhaohui some professional experience of the individual, including the serial entrepreneur, IBM, chrysanthemum, general manager of le, etc. Team configuration, warehousing, logistics, add up to more than 80 people, the rest is technical, operational, etc., all the more than 140 people.

fast healthy angel round by the senior team joint investment, about 3 million or so. In addition, the high from zhaohui, according to A recent will complete A dollar fund A round of funding, at present it is not convenient to disclose the amount.

note: the data are provided by the fast health, hunting cloud network does not make any endorsement.

project: quick health
Company: chengdu fast health business service co., LTD.

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