Famous VC: why do I like and want to invest in Apple and application on the Watch

note: the original author for David Frankel, he is a well-known early venture company founders of Collective managing partner. The company invested Uber, Buzzfeed, MakerBot, Coupang, which and PillPack company.

Apple Apple’s Watch is the new fashion or a failure, it all depends on how you interpret. Fast Company Mark Wilson predicted that Apple Watch will end in failure. My view is just the opposite. As a fan of technology products, I can’t wait to buy it. And from the Angle of investors, it is to create a revolutionary new platform. The platform is a big tree, soon attracted many worth billions of dollars in start-up to its nest. My analysis is as follows:

crazy individual economic benefit will be derivatives markets

in billions of dollars, for example, Apple sold 1658595 of the iPhone to earn an average of $602.92, but only managed to sell 58824 units Apple Watch can obtain the same interests, but it is the average price of $17000. Benedict said Evan analysis: “sold at more than $1000 for 10 million pieces of watches and sold at the price of $100 to $1000, 100 million the benefits of a watch are the same.”

$17000 is really unbearable for most consumers. But don’t forget the United States has 536 billionaires, 7135000 millionaires, while China has 213 billionaires and 2378000 millionaires. Apple may Watch the target market is the local tyrants, who predicts it will fail would not know local tyrants conspicuous mentality. Their pursuit of LVMH and richemont products is proof of that. On the other hand, Gazprom, sinosteel and Hollywood stars in order to reveal their position also will spend billions of dollars to support the Apple.

watch with silver fox

there is no doubt that the embodiment of the metallic simple sense is tall. Such as crowded fitness tracking market caused a huge impact of Misfit Shine hand ring, its founders Sonny Vu attributed his success in part to the metallic promoted its grade of the product.

Apple would not miss this element. Rose gold material for senior executives, fitness bracelet than the pink rubber band is much more tasteful, moreover the meeting in the phone can also use watches calmly, don’t have to be rude to turn off the phone again in a hurry.

for young people, although they have a wide range of watches, but after employment will also choose to watch carefully, because it is the symbol of the identity and status. A new table to recognize new promotion, a gold watch to say goodbye to retirees. These luxurious communication rules just make Apple Watch for young and old technology products.

reality distortion field exists

Apple Watch along with the advent of huge controversy, even some people think that in our world are not ready to accept this kind of product. Wilson called it magic like Disney World watch, it can not only make Mickey Mouse to call the name of the user, in a whole day’s work, to help the user to open the doors of the hotel room. Valuable is that Apple ingeniously Apple will these functional integration to income in the Watch.

but Apple development team goal is far higher than the function. Our portfolio company said only Watch Apple application developers have access to them. It is no wonder that it functions will be underestimated.

there are also called Apple Watch is not on the basis of the iPhone to increase other functions. But all is a process of progress. Like many of the first generation of iPhone applications are just gimmicks, like the “shaking the iPhone can acquire random” recommend a restaurant. Now it seems the amateur level of accelerometer application in the iPhone is really ridiculous, can appear in the second application after less than a year of time, Uber was born. I want to Watch Apple development also is so.

as personal computers, Apple computers, smart phones, is originally a top target users, Apple Watch also is such. After praising Creative Zen is better than the iPod music player object to call the person Pebble watch is better. They said: “smart watch market is too small.”

Chris Dixon believes ResearchKit (Apple a software designed for medical researchers to build infrastructure, to help people in the diagnosis of various diseases) Apple Watch window, I quite agree with you. At the same time, I also believe that this is just the beginning, there will be more concentrate on Apple Watch technology researchers designed a more killer application (they have begun to action).

the product research and development only Apple for

talented technology with the Wall Street journal columnist Christopher Mims wisely in tweet wrote “smart watches is getting closer and closer to us.” But in perspective, the process still need quite a long time, about 15 years can truly welcomed its golden age.

there is no doubt that Apple’s software design technology, its service though controversial but is not bad. It has millions of developers as a distribution channel, it’s brand is the symbol of a reliable, these conditions is enough to make it attract so many excellent and guide the market the sale of a partner. If Apple Watch sale is successful, these sale can be said to be made a very wise investment. But even at BestBuy also don’t have the ability to sales of $17000 watch.

in addition, which Jony Ive for Apple Watch graces many. In the past ten years, he as an industrial designer is active in Apple, reputation. He is the son of a silversmith, Apple found him and entrusts with an important task, each release of to he found enough time of video products of the fringes. Have always is famous for its mysterious Apple accepted the New Yorker and exclusive interview with Vanity Fair is really strange. The company’s advertising highlights its strategic center of gravity of the change, the change Jobs, as well as from time, also different from the idea of Ive recently, it would be the production the large-scale “process”. Designers working on arc, like Louis Vuitton emphasizes the stitching. Apple Watch strategic thinking and Mercedes Benz (mercedes-benz) similarities: the s-class products are expensive, but the same a-class products with our brand, model and process of assurance. Apple will let more people can afford a luxury watch.

if people hear Apple to sell $17000 watch is terrified, and then when they learned that Google will so when will be seemed as laughter.

don’t slap shot dead Apple Watch

if selective blindly, Apple’s deficiency is countless. Remember when entering the market of Apple products are not good, but not sick. Each technical personnel remember in 2006, mobile Internet is how much of a change, then the Sidekick and Treo products just flashy appearance, only Apple world-class engineers and ruthless players make it a reality. So is the development of the iPod.

like Apple’s personal computers, these products are always soon follow by other companies, become dull. And the watch is different, it is rise from the 16th century, can reveal personality more. It was as a family heirloom, jewelry, and even a proof. Its function secondary in at least 30 years, has been replaced by its adornment effect.

Apple’s move not only give the watch to practical function, also hit the market on the consumers. Wintel Dell, a computer can only meet the bulk purchase of IT managers, consumers for this kind of bad products. So the Apple PC should be formed, refresh the user selection criteria for a laptop, it will top as sales object, make the idle rich. The mobile phone market is essentially plot to deceive users between mobile phone manufacturers and operators, to break the situation until the emergence of the Apple.

, by contrast, luxury market are quite different. It has been quite saturated, full of attractive brand of colours. Rolex, spirit and omega one hundred’s fame has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. And kadeya’s richemont group head office has a market capitalization of $40 billion based on the watch industry. Unlike their decorative, Apple is given priority to with the functional sex of the watches in the market. Although Apple has as much as possible to watch style diversification, but still can’t meet the different needs of users. It will therefore replaced by mobile phones, we also don’t know.

heard someone after Apple’s declaration, excited, some feeling lost. The founders of Collective, we as a group of anticipation and excitement of children. In my opinion, if you can’t forward to to the new product, can’t become a successful venture capitalists or entrepreneur.

time will prove that our attitude towards Apple stick. Do an assumption, if Apple Watch development well, you can use it to do? If you answer is amazing, we are happy to spend the time to listen to you.