Familiar stranger: more and more “millet” meizu

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about the meizu will introduce investment in the industry has been preached for a long time, this thought is its founder jack looked dark, weibo (SMS) to a few months of weeks, the results did not think of ma is ali.

on February 9, meizu announced that the alibaba group and haitong kai yuan funds totaling $650 million strategic investment, including the meizu alibaba investment of $590 million. At this point, the meizu from ali. And then in the meizu alibaba investment conference. Executives on both sides have commented: “to the investment of meizu represents a major expansion of alibaba ecosystem, it is also our important step mobile strategy, to give the user more mobile products and experience. Jian wang (ali) the introduction of strategic investment will give the meizu smartphone and the rapid development of the intelligent ecosystem brought strong power. (the meizu Bai Yongxiang) everyone understand that this is a complementary resources investment, alibaba won an important partner in mobile terminal; While the meizu has won its expansion are in urgent need of money, for it in mobile phone industry, expansion of his ecological layout have rebuilt the expense.

$650 million strategic investment, meizu is in the lunar calendar year-end to a great amount of “red envelope”. And despite the big red envelope, review the meizu 2014, for the meizu, 2014 as well as the change is very significant for a year, can be said to be unprecedented. Product release, marketing more radical, the layout of the chain expansion, introducing the strategic investment, it is all a thriving. But behind the booming but there is a shadow, in the transformation of meizu, its path and its so-called apprentice, millet was the development of the same. The meizu from its niche, stubborn, closed to the radical, open this shift, meizu became familiar and strange.

in 2014, the meizu in products and marketing came up a radical changes, this change let a person feel the meizu on his road to abandon the millet. Perhaps, millet is meizu in this life only hate, only love.

on the product: the meizu a year instead of a convention, 2014 meizu followed the pace of millet, to provide comprehensive, more intensive product release. It begins in September, a few months continuous issued 1799 MX4, 2499 MX4 Pro, 999 incarnate blue, etc. And 2014 meizu also change its traditional on product design through the design embodies the concern’s for people, innovation and leading the trend, with concise simple “- the silence” inside and outside throughout the entire product design concept, have become a frequent homage to apple. In product release, meizu also seem to see the consumer for intuitive bombing of low resistance this characteristic parameters, conference also change on MX3 hit “forget the parameters, don’t believe the sample car-scrapping publicity slogans, to poke fun at ridiculing opponents at the news conference, easing the bit in apple, hurricane parameters, refuses to run a points. And to products, these products are inherited in the same grade products, compared with competitors, the price should be slightly higher this one characteristic. MX4 Pro, for example, its configuration is 5.5 inch 2 k + screen, 3 gb of RAM memory, 20 nm samsung Exynos 5430 eight processors, pre – 5 million ov wide Angle camera, rear 20.7 million pixels SONY stack type camera, carrying mTouch fingerprint identification, as well as the Hi – Fi level quality, the second generation of NFC technology, unicom mobile double 4 g support, equipped with 3350 mah sealed battery, carrying the meizu Flyme4.1 system. 16 gb version price is 2499 yuan, compared with millet note, this configuration is obviously better.

on the product sales, waiting in line to make an appointment, allow offline price, recently more reduce the battery capacity after product release. Can’t buy has become the meizu 2014 new norm, the official explanation for the production capacity is insufficient, but I don’t know whether it is the insufficient capacity or hunger marketing. But as a consumer, I want to ask: capacity release you so dense? Give the user a and the concept of a machine, really interesting?

in product marketing, meizu in 2014 for its product endorsement has become more aggressive, more heat, and even sometimes slightly mad and funny. The gunpowder jack, Li Nanze with funny. Its founder jack used in evaluation of millet in austenitic 304 weibo despise real wrote: see you in the photos, millet should be to want to use stainless steel frame design and intensity of feeling, this is our old design. With weeks leader on the subject of millet in interactive weibo said: master kung fu panda inside one day can pick up corrupt ACTS. And for its products, huang, said the “and Mr. Luo millet than hype, I’m sure, if only to product, I can be seconds they a few streets; 4.7 “red rice, 2 years listed incarnate blue 5 inch version, enough to kill”. And since the madness of the jack and gunpowder taste, the vice President of Li Nanze more funny. In want to plug you to incarnate the blue copy iPhone5c industrial design criticism, posted “iPhone5c plastic process is the peak of the global smartphone, we would like to challenge him on craft, but rest assured, this is a 5 c and completely different products. Apple had pulled out the meizu M8 smartphones in the United States court to samsung note: don’t copy also can make a good smart phone. Apple to recognize the meizu’s original ability “of this weibo, result is the weibo netizens ruthless face. The gunpowder and tease force in marketing, an old millet demeanor.

the meizu, 2014, the products become more like millet. But this is not end, but a beginning, meizu on the development strategy of 2014 followed the apprentice, following the millet do intelligent ecological layout. After the millet investment beauty, jack holding hands the first big domestic home appliance maker haier (not miss dong, gree, bad review), in an effort to again in the future link with the disciples. But the truth may be ruthless, shipments of gap, talent gap, gap attention make the meizu half-heartedly.

I have said in the article “the” “meizu MX4 series in 2014 attracted a lot of attention, the attention of meizu is greatly ascend. Let the two just based on this year’s mobile war, meizu victory, happens turnaround. But to say the meizu wins, I think we see things not so simple, millet and over the years, the great attention, have a plenty of capital, attracted many talents to join us in the most critical user scale, according to lei jun has super beautiful MIUI users has reached 70 million, and 2014 shipments has surpassed 60 million millet, but meizu in 2015 shipments of target just is only strive to 20 million units. For meizu, millet size advantage have already decided on the meizu is weak, with only a few product this year, is still not enough to shake millet.

and after a $650 million strategic investment in the meizu, can carry out more investment, and attract more talents, can do more wayward rich want to do and cannot do, but whether the smart ecological speed up, to catch up with millet, it remains to be seen.

epilogue: 2014 meizu, intensive product release allows consumers to quench, mood; Marketing, gunpowder to make radical force; Alone into the nation. All of all, let a person feel more and more the meizu onto the road of his disdain to millet. He became familiar and strange in my mind. In this rapidly changing and developing, brought the meizu products in short supply, the monthly shipments to create new record high of meizu good grades. But behind the rapid development, but also bring a lot of bad effect, the need to properly solve the meizu, overcome. Let the consumer can buy real good products is the present meizu should solve the problem. Here, I want to say to meizu “don’t forget the beginner’s mind. Also wish 2015 meizu, can show more amazing products.

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