Facebook sandberg husband motivational life: all the hard-won

note: hunting cloud on Friday night, SurveyMonkey CEO, Facebook COO – Dave goldberg, sandberg’s husband died suddenly in the home, the reason has not been revealed, about his previous experience of online reports is not much. In fact, seems to be some behind the aura, Dave from studying to later work and even Business process have not been very satisfied, it was not until recent years began to improve, Business Insider last month just had an interview with Dave, talked about his life and the challenge. The original story is as follows, do not make any editing. Translated by tencent technology:

Dave goldberg is the strongest couple important half of silicon valley, he was also very successful in silicon valley companies Survey Monkey’s chief executive, has an epic career. Dave’s career began in the dotcom era. His wife is Facebook’s chief operating officer Shirley Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg). No matter from which Angle, Dave has a remarkable life. If you want to find out why seems very easy – he is very smart, witty humor, carefree, but also a little lazy. Although Dave road seems effortless success, but in fact is hard-won. In his own words, most of the time early in his career, he has been a “can’t get others’ respect and approval”.

not walk the road of the law school

Dave was born in Minneapolis, his father is a professor at school of law. Dave at Harvard University undergraduate degree in history, after two years of free, he had planned to study law. After leaving school, Dave to serve as consultants bain, travel around the world, and lived in Boston, Sydney and San Francisco. He said, two weeks before he began to go study in law school, he began to realize that he doesn’t want to be a lawyer. Dave said, “sometimes you have decided not to do things, but become the biggest thing done in your career.”

although he enjoyed the bain in the work, but he knew that he actually and don’t want to be a consultant. Dave had a period of confusion, don’t know what to do. He is also considered to work in the science and technology enterprises. Dave said, “I have considered to work in Microsoft, but the thought of going to Seattle, you feel it’s too difficult. When you are at the age of 24, this is not the same.”

at the time, Dave a friend recommended to him in Los Angeles, one of the major record companies in the United States Capitol Records. Dave is a super music, had collected more than 500 music CDS. The job let he learned some new scheme of selling music. He persuaded the company sales, for instance, the beatles CD, the move will also help the company revenue doubled.

Dave also sells those within the video game integration to the music, when the music industry from the tape box to CD – ROMs transition. Dave and vice President of starbucks and a named Tim Smith (Tim Smith), together with a store manager, sales of CD in starbucks. Dave said, “in 22 years, starbucks sells a lot of CDS.” Dave for the job, however, are not one hundred percent satisfied. To this, he explains, the record company’s mode of operation has many problems.

frantically selling computers advertising

Dave said, “I decided I have to start to do something again. Action, and try to run my own business, will is more important than fantasy, although I have some very good ideas. My first action, and then will have ideas.” Deal with starbucks, help people find their rare to hear music in the radio and MTV, the deal also provides ideas to Dave. Dave said, “at that time, a lot of people haven’t heard the music. I saw this. I realized that the computer may be a better method of complete the business. Therefore, I with my best friends from high school to resign. We started a later became “Launch Media” of the business, our philosophy is to discover new music to help others.”

however, it also has a problem, they don’t have any money at that time. So they maxed out their credit CARDS, and ask friends and family for help. In an interview, Dave, smiled and said, “those people are crazy, they provide us with money. We raised $100000, the company valuation is $1 million, of course, can not use valuation to calculate now.”

crazy Dave does belong to that category. That year is 1993, PC is still in the preliminary stage, the Internet is not popular. Launch Media began to Launch the product, is the electronic magazine, publishes an edition every month in the form of CD ROM. Contents include interviews and music, etc., but the company is not selling music, mainly by advertising support. To this, Dave said, “to some extent, we are still in the early stages. What we concern is advertising. People have never seen on the computer. Our many investors also warned us, ‘no one is willing to ads on the computer. ‘our investors, of course, including some very respectable successful venture capitalists.”

spend $285 million

in the Launch Media from shortly after the cd-rom to the Internet development, the company has been unable to make a profit. At the same time, the Launch Media has also been profitable, Dave saw the hope of profit, therefore, many Internet companies, and then he also contributed to Launch Media companies listed. Dave said, “people don’t give me. We don’t get respect and support. When people want me to sell music, I would say, ‘no, we’re going to sell advertising.

Dave tells us that the Launch of Media listed after the Internet bubble peak (March 2000), the Launch of the Media market value of about $300 million. Also at the time, is going to buy yahoo and some other companies Launch the intention of the Media. After 15 months after the bid negotiation, finally in the summer of 2001, yahoo finally acquired Launch Media. However, just at the time, the Internet bubble has burst, and rupture scale is very big.

Dave said, at that time, Launch Media’s share price fell sharply by 91%, while yahoo’s share price has dropped by more than 94%. In an interview with BI, Dave also smiled and said, “if we complete the deal before the year, it would be much better. At that time, yahoo’s stock price is very low, so the whole market price is not high.” , however, he said, “yahoo is a home to return to our best, so although the deal shortcomings, but we still feel very satisfied.”

in yahoo’s difficult time

in its Launch Media company after six years, Dave with this company, to join the yahoo. Join the yahoo for Dave is really a tough time. At that time, yahoo’s first chief executive Timothy, (Timothy Koogle) has just left from the company. Terry Seymour’s (Terry Semel) replace division, as yahoo’s new chief executive, though the Launch Media is not Terry’s idea, however, he was very support yahoo bought the company.

but, at that time is indeed a very difficult time. Dave recalls, “the 2001 yahoo is very bad, a lot of job cuts, after restructuring, many employees leave. But, I’m terry and yahoo obtained by other staff’s support. So, in yahoo’s first three to four years of time, they are very support me, and let me in yahoo has created a high quality business.” Dave and his team stay in Los Angeles, with great concentration to build new business. , “he said at the time, we built the world’s largest music website, has 60 million unique users. In 2006, we have done more than 50 a year a music video, measured by today’s data, the Numbers may not be much, but at the time, this is definitely the biggest video websites. And we also created a subscription music products, this product was also has more than 50 subscribers.”

however, yahoo’s search business has gone from bad to worse, which is part of the reason why the tech bubble mayhem in the technology industry, the other part of the reason is because of the rise of Google. At that time, yahoo after weighing, continue to search business investment, and efforts to revive the search product, this means that yahoo will not invest in media products such as music web site. To this, Dave said, “I to yahoo to develop music products, because if we don’t get investment to develop music, that I will be leaving. So, most people have left the yahoo in our team.”

the past love

Dave started working on yahoo at the same time, also began to Shirley sandberg date. In fact, for many years before this, Dave had known the sandberg. Dave, referring to the story of his courtship said, “I met my wife in Los Angeles in 1996, but we didn’t start dating until 2002. We started dating of a long journey. I was still in Los Angeles, and she had moved to the bay area. I lost by way of the coin, to decide where we should live. I like Los Angeles, and I work in Los Angeles.”

however, Dave eventually came to the bay area, but the work is still in Los Angeles. To this, also, Dave said, for him, this is indeed a “challenges”. In 2007, that is, eight years ago, suffering from yahoo dilemma tormented Dave left. Dave said to us, from selling his creation of the company to work on yahoo to sandberg work at Google this time, he left never worry about money problems. After leaving yahoo, however, once he don’t know how to handle their own life. But one thing is very clear, he certainly don’t want to do music anymore. He said, “I feel we have changed the people to learn and to find ways to music. In addition to other everything will become the source of our actions.”

Dave said, “see a stark, Pandora, and my friend Ian Rogers (Ian Rogers) in business Beats Music, I feel very happy. He worked in yahoo for me for years. I see all this, all feel very happy. But for me, these are the extension of my work.” However, after leaving from yahoo, Dave also don’t want to do the work of sales, he want to do a subscription service. To this, Dave said, “I do sales work for a long time, I like customers pay for me, not sell advertising.”

when we talk about his wife, mainly through the sale of a large number of advertising to make money, he laughed and said, “this belongs to the personal preferences, sell advertising itself is not wrong.”

Survey Monkey success

in this period of time of leaving yahoo, Dave found a job, is in the vc firm Benchmark for occupancy entrepreneurs (EIR). He said, “I don’t know what I want to do, but I know I don’t want to start-up companies to manage other people’s, it is the job of the entrepreneurs in the boycott. You will see all of the company and some stars engineer. At one meeting, VCS will speak to you, “Dave, you to manage the company, they need a CEO ‘, then I would say, I don’t want to manage the company of others.”

however, Dave had to manage other people’s company, but he is not through the Benchmark for this job. In 2008, Dave by the introduction of another vc, added to the Ancestry.com website, in the site, he served as director. Dave said, “I know SurveyMonkey, in yahoo, my team has been using Survey Monkey, but I never see it as a business.”

Dave said, “the Survey Monkey became a big brand influence, with incredible loyalty, super profitable business model, spread quickly, and also don’t have the team support business. At that time, the Survey Monkey only 12 employees, seven of them in the customer support team.” At first, the company really let a person very nerve-racking. However, Survey Monkey but has been a huge success in the end.

investment assets

Dave said that he couldn’t hurt a company has been successful. Soon in 2012, Dave has not let the Survey Monkey get hurt. As part of the $350 million of debt financing plan, Survey Monkey company announced the state revenue in 2012. That year, the Survey Monkey reservation income of $113 million, profits (EBITA) for $62 million. Since then, SurveyMonkey has not update the relevant data, but Dave says, “it is clear that since then, we have grown steadily.”

in 2013 and 2014, the company SurveyMonkey suddenly get into a large investment, vc firms in the first round of financing is $450 million, a few months after the second round of financing to raise $250 million, it also makes the Survey Monkey valued at $2 billion. If the debt to asset integration in together, so, Survey Monkey can net $1.2 billion.

Dave said that he used the money to support the business assets, rather than seeking IPO (initial public offering). , he says, “all of the money went to investors and employees, we made a conscious decision – listed, we are not going to just let people get assets.” He also said, “I’m not saying we’ll never listed, but we first need to consider for people to get money, because this paragraph of time we have plenty of cash to spend in private markets. This kind of situation and I will be the first company listed on the situation is different, also different from the condition before five or six. But now, you will be able to finance more than $10 as a private company, and for people to create money. This kind of circumstance have changed, made it possible to maintain the private state.

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