Facebook found the method to deal with Google, “add a link to” let users stay in their system

on mobile devices share links are always very trivial and complicated. In order to make people more convenient chalk line links, Facebook is testing a keyword search within the App engine, through the engine, you can add pages, articles, links into your content.

add photos below, place next to the location of some iOS users can see a new “to add a link” option. After the selection, Facebook will show users a series of they think that the user may want to share the link, the user can preview the contents within the Facebook interface, and can be directly to them to join in the content (just like we’ve been doing in sina weibo.)

we like Facebook for more details about the function, the answer is more details would be released soon.

we prove to the Facebook company more information. Update: so far Facebook responded, confirm “we will update a new way to add links on Facebook.”

the trial is limited to a small percentage of the area users, the project has shown great potential. Company said they now have to one trillion by the user to share a link into their search of the rolls, which means that Facebook’s search engine based on the data is different from Google.

if this feature to all users, it makes they no longer need to search Facebook news feed by sharing links. New “to add a link” function allows users to share the contents of other publishers. This function not only let Facebook news feed can join advertising content, but also build up the users and their friends pay attention to the news and publisher data.

in 2014, with nearly 25% of the whole platform click, Facebook has become undoubtedly relink giants, in contrast, only 0.88% of Twitter. This miraculous index to encourage publishers more in Facebook content, show the contents of the be clear at a glance, as far as possible, and by buying advertising space to expand the influence. All of these make Facebook to make a profit. Through the function of “add a link”, publishers will be more dependent on the social media.

this function will also be a Facebook director of content basis of good projects. The message pointed out that Facebook plans to absorb the publisher of the news content and will display in the Facebook news feed directly rather than allow the user to click the link to wait for endless pages load process. Therefore, Facebook plans to share profit with the publisher.

according to the Wall Street journal, this feature will update in the near future. Facebook is expected to provide 100% advertising to willing to put the content of the paper after the show to a Facebook decided to the publisher. If by Facebook to sell advertising, Facebook will get 30% of the profit.

this program will allow the user to stay within the Facebook application rather than into a web browser pop-up – in this case, users often are less likely to return to Facebook. Similarly, “add a link” feature allows the user to share a link are also more likely to stay within the Facebook application. More and more difficult to leave the Facebook users.