Facebook COO, sandberg’s husband SurveyMonkey head accident died, year-end 47 years

in the United States time on Friday night, SurveyMonkey CEO, Facebook COO, Dave Goldberg, sandberg’s husband, Dave Goldberg) sudden death at home, year-end 47 years.

this is Dave goldberg’s brother said on Saturday. He issued a post on Facebook, say, 47, Dave “died suddenly last night.” Dave’s death has not been disclosed.

in the United States, the science and technology, sandberg couple is has the model significance, not only Shirley sandberg in Facebook COO position, she also strongly advocated feminism, trying to change women’s weak position in silicon valley. And Dave goldberg in the support and auxiliary Shirley at the same time, oneself also was a entrepreneur and eventually run SurveyMonkey company.

as early as in 1994, Dave goldberg, once started, LAUNCH Media company, provide related to music and music online content, afterwards because of an Internet bubble, forced to yahoo in 2011, he joined yahoo company as a music’s vice President and general manager.

in 2009, joined the SurveyMonkey Dave goldberg, and led the rapid development of the company. Founded in 1999, the online survey platform, can help to conduct customer satisfaction survey, market research, activities, education questionnaire, and staff appraisal of human resources investigation. Announced last December, the company completed a new round of $250 million in financing, valuation rose to about $2 billion. Was disclosed, according to data from SurveyMonkey has about 20 million customers, including 99% of the fortune 500 companies, the daily returns of more than 2 million questionnaires survey.

after the news of his death was confirmed, Facebook founder mark zuckerberg also post the mourning.