Face thirsty: main Korean beauty door-to-door O2O, take South Korea imported from beauty products

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women entrepreneurs are constantly digging this particular crowd demand, hairdressing O2O alignment with the time, the traditional door-to-door beauty products for beauty director, small home beauty, beauty, +, etc. And the new product face’m thirsty to Korean beauty, the popularity of Korean wave deeply affects domestic women consumers, is also grasp the consumption psychology of the female.

I technology co., LTD., founded in 2014, Beijing faces’m thirsty by zhang, Yang Jingyun, Shen Dongfang three core members was founded in 2015. Face’m thirsty on February 5th in micro letter online public platform, online App around the middle of April. The current scope of services within the Beijing rings, future consideration in Shanghai, guangdong, tianjin, hangzhou four expansion in the city.

face’m thirsty self-built beauty team, currently has seven beautician, there are 10 beautician are in training. According to hunt cloud network understanding, hire a beautician will pass strict review, have a professional inspection personnel according to the hairdresser image, etiquette, professional ability, etc. In addition, the face thirsty hire professional beautician from South Korea, for the inspection by the professional beautician do after Korean training, training content package etiquette, gimmick, details, communication, etc. After a month of training, passed the test, the beautician can mount guard.

in order to show the professionalism, beautician door-to-door service will have uniform dress, bring their own beauty products – BELLMONA. Zhang said when hunting cloud network interview “face’m thirsty imported products are used by South Korea, in order to ensure the product authenticity, the supply of goods team has officially become the brand of Beijing agent, general agent directly cooperation with China.”

face thirst altogether contains 20 beauty project, based on the “doodle, white NenNen baby water, for example, the whole process, a total of 90 minutes, aromatic drive back, the multiple plot, gentle exfoliator, dense oxygen injection nine steps, beautician after finish nursing will interact with consumers do little game. Price of 199 yuan, the price is one-third of in-store beauty consumption.

face’m thirsty beauty project’s overall pricing between 199-999, users locate in the monthly salary around 2 w consumption group, the overall preference in high-end consumption. hunting cloud network understand that faces thirsty! Will continue to expand their beauty team, do not consider platform .

beautician each field and product consumption charges will be paid by the face’m thirsty , zhang told hunting cloud network: “every time consumption cost account for 20% of the total price, which does not include the hairdresser salary. Beautician basic salary + commission + bonuses add up at around 8000, faces thirsty guarantee groomer salary status, in order to arouse the work enthusiasm of beautician.

face’m thirsty by now operating less than a month of time (the Spring Festival holiday), so is not an exact user data for reference, but zhang told hunting cloud network, face’m thirsty on the premise of zero spread of concern in 600.

beauty is process oriented, this is different from nail results oriented, do one or two skin can’t have too big change, so it is very important to the process. how to provide consumers with suitable to different type of skin beauty services is also faces thirsty now facing a big test. In addition, face’m thirsty early on time without a strict control, how to reasonably control time is also a problem for the .

face’m thirsty is now talking about angel rounds of financing, financial plan of RMB 5 million, before also with many famous investment institutions have talks, both sides are under consideration, zhang told hunting cloud network: the investment and financing is like to fall in love, the most important thing is to find a responsible investment institutions, for the follow-up work will give a lot of help.”