Face CARDS: the radius of one kilometer life has a force of consumer financial services

Wen/xiao-wei Yang

face CARDS O2O platform is a community service, community members can be realized fast consumer goods to buy, cooperation stores achieve the delivery of goods sales.

face CARDS founder Hao Qi with years relative working experience in financial industry. She found a small micro enterprise loan procedures is very complicated, and all kinds of measures since last year the bank make a lot of small businesses face a crisis, or even collapse, bankruptcy. She wanted to help these enterprises, and got the O2O through community service platform, in the end to the idea of merchants to provide loans and other financial services.

Hao Qi tell hunting cloud network, face CARDS merchants goal is open in the area and even the shops in the residential building, face CARDS can put these disadvantaged business owners on the platform. For individual users, cell phone positioning, all in their near the residential area of life will appear on the face brush card, all the life needs, can be completed on this platform.

O2O life with some community service platform self-built logistics distribution team, face CARDS only do” the last kilometer life service “, adopt the village merchants directly to the user delivery way in the district, the can not only save the human cost, improve the efficiency of distribution, also can improve the user viscosity. Regarding the development of face CARDS Hao Qi thinks, face CARDS pay attention to not only do community O2O platform, what is more important to industry chain upstream go, there are force of consumer financial services.


Hao Qi tell hunting cloud network, with the increase of amount of data acquisition, the owners of business data and consumer spending data can be see very clearly on the face CARDS. Face CARDS will be dedicated to do a credit model, background data will be automatically calculated how much each business owners and consumers can get points, take a loan. For business owners, after get loans can be used to replenish onr’s stock, the turnover; And for consumers, can according to each person’s score, on the face CARDS ious, consumer first, then also money.

with the increase of users, face CARDS to do community is the most fundamental financial experts. Using the virtual site in each district, chengdu to provide loans and financing services.

cloud network hunting, face CARDS will be officially launched in June, has started an angel round financing plan. In day by day fierce community O2O last kilometer race, face CARDS how performance, hunting cloud network will continue to focus on.

company: chengdu brush face card network technology co., LTD.