Eye: make AR technology more ground

(text/He Yuying)

cloud network hunting note: AR (augmented reality) technology is developed on the basis of the virtual reality technology, hunting cloud network in previously reported there is introduced the application of AR in the animation industry, the door of the yuan. Today to introduce you to the browser is a more popular eye AR developing platform, designed to allow each user to contact AR and production of AR.

the AR browser is a eye for mobile terminal (smartphone or tablet) AR rapid developing platform, at present by the mobile client (for Android and iOS) and management background (web side). Client main function is to show the AR finished products, for users to create AR management background, the two interact with each other, be short of one cannot.

at the beginning of 2014 eye AR browser online, cultivate a group of users, in the form of invitation during iteration perfect products. In early March 2015, registered officially opened the inner eye, is currently in free trial, interested in AR after user registration can make your own AR products online.

your third eye chakra co-founder sen-lin li tell hunting cloud network, eye by default template of different types of commonly used AR, let users through the material upload can quickly make AR. “Basically a completely ignorant of the layman AR can through your third eye chakra management background in 5 minutes to produce their own AR products, we hope that through your third eye chakra make AR technology more ground.”

the eye support based on AR template type of qr code image recognition, image, video, 3 d model, panoramic view, online video, audio, etc. Support based on the geographical position recognition AR template type has a panoramic and POI labels.

“it is because so much AR template type, eye in many industries have nowhere to go.” Sen-lin li to cloud network is introduced to hunting. So far, the eye with the real estate industry, tourism, culture and packaging industry, automobile market, virtual try products industry has worked.

before 2012 AR technology at home and very fresh, almost impossible to find on the Internet related business information. In 2013, AR has a small increase in domestic, AR enterprises increased, brand frequently use AR technology at home and abroad in the mainland to do propaganda promotion, of course, the most eye-catching is listed on Google glasses.

the current domestic AR less production platform, such as eye there is a dream of the editor to make software development more mature in jiangsu region. The software provided by creating template type to meet the demand of the education industry as the core, but there’s the disadvantages of complex production process, to some extent, limits the increase in the number of users.

sen-lin li tell hunting cloud network, currently the main customers eye location in three groups: normal users, developers and enterprises. For the three types of customers with different permissions for free, and not the launch of the favourable activity regularly, attract users with AR content development.

the project team is behind the eye chengdu micro force interactive technology co., LTD., was established in 2012, formerly known as micro force of science and technology innovation team. The team members, a total of 17 people, is a favorite AR technology of 90 after a group of college students. Love for AR technology and on the future of the industry forecast is project reasons of the birth of the inner eye, as sen-lin li said, they hope that through your third eye chakra to let more people understand the AR, AR, make AR technology more ground.