Extend from a yuan car wash to offline high-end automobile maintenance, maintain a little more involved in automotive finance

for car hind, can be door-to-door service can accomplish some washing the car, interior clean simple tasks, such as more complex car maintenance, beauty, or needs to be done to the offline store, as for car repairs, at this stage could not completely out of the support of offline store. It is easy to quickly repair the CEO Wang Zhengkun accept hunting cloud network said in an interview, and he thinks that, in the future after the car market players, light pattern of product will be to heavy model transformation.

overhead dots as a car from a cut of automobile after service market platform, they recently to reach also extends to the line. Extending in the field of high-end automobile maintenance, and SSclub opened its first high-end maintenance shop in hangzhou.

at present, the headquarters is located in the United States SSclub, focus on professional racing car service upgrade, race car driver training and professional 30 years, its three branches as well as the international automotive power suite studio – Ps institute. SS will China united automobile as a subsidy for little first formal signing technology businesses, and to maintain a little all online merchants to provide technical support, including positioning solutions provide repair and maintenance problems and online remote assistance.

overhead and CEO of fee to shore after the media interview, said: “after the car market including washing the car, maintenance, maintenance, and many other services can be a commission, and maintain a little in the future will pack to launch a service independent brand owners, more favorable than the traditional company and it is more convenient to use mobile client series of financial products, to maintain a little extend greater market space, and increase the market value.”

about financial products, car fee shore to the media said that at the end of car ownership and will have new product launch, is about the auto financial products. Temporarily can’t reveal too much.

about the car after market competition is intense, fee bank about their own views: “are the core competitiveness, we can control the rhythm of your product, for the industry if there will be a kind of” fair and 58 “strategic mergers, need to see the follow-up market competition pattern. Big fish eat small fish, mergers and acquisitions or strategic mergers are likely.”

about car ownership, in December, hunting cloud network invitation fee shore in the cloud coffee made a speech about O2O, guests give force, dry goods, full.