Express superman: fast delivery, at the same time provide express service

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the express delivery service product has quite a few, the single express company official APP can also meet the needs of users, such as motion, YunDa, in addition to the official friend, struggle in Courier transceiver link, is committed to improve the efficiency of the players also like, immediately delivery, express delivery, 100, etc. In addition to accept delivery efficiency, express delivery, also like everyone, e to send fast, flash on city express logistics services on the express delivery efficiency.

the whole, the current in express delivery, express delivery, delivery, has a different team ambitions, but for hunting cloud network oneself every day state of Courier transceiver, fill out the paper surface form, and deal with different frequencies of Courier existed in the knocking sound is trouble. Express unilaterally, motion and so on product support machine play, but all express can play a key support machine also need time. Courier quality problems to a large extent also affect users psychological evaluation for express service.

now that there is a great transformation of space efficiency, so the service can be put on hold first. New product delivery superman is a dedicated to solving the efficiency of the Courier transceiver products, to achieve future buyers, sellers, express company such as node of the chain in the delivery. Although they are far, but the hunting cloud network says there are several points worth express Courier superman.

1: superman by Courier express is a must-have feature, the current version of its users and the express edition is an APP.

2: before delivery by Courier send the user to send a need to fill in the process of single, ready to change, change, return, save the paper surface, inform receipt, tracking logistics. Now these can give to solve all the steps to express a superman. And these problems is not only a user’s face, with the Courier for the participants, they also these complicated issues.

3: return service to provide users with a key, small sellers provide express service. Online sellers return trouble users don’t want to see, communication, shipping, refund, settlement in a time period. Express superman for small sellers or the receptionists provide monthly statement, reconciliation, online payment, concentrated, batch tracking, batch delivery, bidding, etc. In the return process, general sellers for buyers, to facilitate electronic return process.

there is an E Courier accept delivery of the product, immediately delivery, express delivery, 100, etc. The theory of time, express 100’s oldest. This in the PC have on the mobile end user base express query products also rely on query Courier business into the LBS service. “The existing user base + feasible transformation service” is the biggest competitive power. But the Internet is never seniority, so subsequent product competition is worthy of attention.

team, Jin Qihui layer at ningbo dapao group, pulsating logistics information co., LTD., has many years of experience in electric business and logistics industry. Xu graduated from sichuan, utstarcom PCMS team director, chief technology officer can bei communication technology co., LTD. NiPeng from jiang Su Daxue, in public comments on the net work for four years and served as chief planning manager and regional sales manager.