Expert network, city life services platform, to build China’s Thumbtack

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at present, city life services platform have sprung up, such as, in May 2014, the company received the sequoia capital and tiger global fund investment of $30 million, and in August to accept the Google company’s $100 million investment. Domestic 58 city, such as the public comments, beauty completely purchase, etc. But, if you have to look for a local service via the Internet, you will find that local companies on the Internet information is not complete, consumers can only find their contact information on the Internet, after will call the past to business consulting, process trival. Therefore, how to simplify the use of city living service process, realizing the accurate service is related to entrepreneurs is worth thinking about.

in recent days, the hunters know a cloud network called “expert network” city life services App, solved the above mentioned the pain points. Expert network was founded in July 2014 by the founder zhi-ming sun the O2O + P2P mode of the service life of docking platform. Founding principle is to make thousands of freelancers and craftsmen, using this platform, realizes own ideal. Zhi-ming sun told hunting cloud network, “physical electricity and Internet products to store service has been very mature, looking for the professional services of Internet product, is in the time window; And with the development of the Internet, disintermediation trend obviously, socially produced more and more freelancers and artisans, they mostly no stores, so urgently need some better channels.

expert network divided into merchants client and client, merchant version of the App in the online test, July 14 January 15 years launched a formal version. Temporarily no App users, but users can through the PC to publish their own needs. An expert network mode is simple, submitted through expert net users have what demand, then the background will be pushed to the corresponding matching service, service providers to offer to users by merchants version of the App.

specific to use process, the merchant after approval, register their accounts in PC, you can use the App login after a successful authentication. For merchants, by App orders quickly, clearly know a list, you can do to save communication cost, and can effectively arrange your schedule time, according to the effect of the way also more accepted. Users in the PC to release their own requirements, the next city expert network will be pushed to the demand of some qualified “expert”, then there will be the right person for up to five (limited) system to submit a plan for the quotation and service to the user, the user can in this five offer to choose a suitable for their services.

the current city life has many service platform, domestic competitors 58 city, America, etc. 58 city as an example, as the same kind of classified information and local service life, specific to the service life and O2O is still in relatively early. After company listed, 58 city could value chain extending continuously, on domestic, real estate, and other fields to expand more. On October 31, 2013, officially listed in nyse, rose 42% on the first day, at present, the company a market capitalization of about $3.1 billion.

want to in the fierce competition, an expert network has its advantages. In particular, an expert network of merchants audit is very strict. First, select the merchants with positioning in individuals and small studio, as far as possible to avoid the cooperation with large organizations and companies, save intermediate link, the P2P service mode. Registered in expert network’s official website into a successful, merchants will receive customer service telephone review, on request of merchants of certificate of professional skills, take her, for example, in the process of need to upload the id card, health, maternal and child care division, the three is a foundation, then additional optional also need to upload the nursery teacher certificate, galactagogue division certificate. After artificial audit certification through after can deploy APP, can become an expert network merchants.

at the same time, the expert network to the user’s access also to have certain threshold limit. Repeat users demand, illegal demand, false needs, these should be filtered. In order to prevent the cracks, expert network increases human intervention, the purpose is to build an honest and reliable service environment.

again, the user through 58 find services, needs a lot of phone calls, and 58 are basically mediation is given priority to, the expert network service is basically a person is given priority to, in terms of relative prices are lower, through the expert network merchants merchants APP orders quickly, clearly know a list, you can do to save communication cost, and can effectively arrange your schedule time, according to effect payment way also more acceptable.

“from the two end, using expert network than 58 city has advantages, high efficiency, low prices, both of which is the core. And in some service, there will be a lot of 58 no professional service providers. For example will increase some categories: bargaining division, Kang Fushi, paragliders coach, etc., and 58 and some other channels, there is no such service.” Zhi-ming sun told hunting cloud network.

when it comes to the future development direction, zhi-ming sun told hunting cloud network, “first of all to strengthen team construction, and hope to be able to bring in some experienced people with ability in promoting operation; Second will be to strengthen the construction of the product, and improve the usability and user experience; Finally will do some more operations, to convey to the user that the concept of “expert”.”

in my opinion, although expert network has its own unique advantages, there are still some deficiency in the product. In terms of the project, to use and how much is a little trouble and difficulty. For users, after all to registration requirements, need a little time. For services, registration, all sorts of verification, process trival. Another is just introduced products, awareness is not enough, lead to insufficient trust of users and service providers.

and, in use process, should strengthen the search function, more accurate know what are the user requirements. Aunt, for example, the user search with children, will know that the user is looking for a nanny or nursery teacher and so on. Again, for instance, matching demand, improve the user submission requirements form, more accurately match the right service provider, and then do push, for more suitable service providers to offer.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting expert network currently only two cities opened in nanjing, suzhou, because online time is short, as of January 2015, an expert network service provider number 1000 + at present, 3000 + total users. Expert network plan within 15 years to cover a second-tier cities. The current team is less than 10 people, profit model is a service charge when taking orders to the merchants, currently in the stage of looking for angel investment.