Experience the second generation Moto E: not for “fever”, to be “good enough”

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MOTOROLA low-end phones product line is becoming more crowded, because on the generation of cell phones while on product updates have been replaced, but the market is still in the sales. They respectively are: the generation, Moto Moto G G LTE, Moto E and has just been released by two Moto E. These a few phones sell for between $100 to $200.

in this couple of MOTOROLA mobile phone, compared with other don’t have a mobile phone is more outstanding. However, a new generation of Moto E – LTE ($150), it compared with last generation Moto E – LTE with more humanized design and elegant shape. 4.5 -inch display on the generation of 5 inch screen appears more compact and convenient.

in addition to the above advantages, the new Moto E also contains the following advantages: it has a relatively concise, advanced Android system. This is a basic but very popular design, the quality will be beyond your imagination. As MOTOROLA mobile phone design consistent principle, is committed to provide users with new Moto E basis, practical mobile services, rather than the redundant adornment or slick auxiliary functions. Therefore, the new Moto E more the favour of broad consumer.

Appearance and texture

on the appearance and experience of the mobile phone, MOTOROLA has established the foundation for its aesthetic standards. Moto E has a curved back and set with a delicate small dimples (MOTOROLA). The back is equipped with a camera, centered surrounded the entire fuselage smooth lines, appears, the elegant and pleasing to the eye.

compared with new Moto E, although the Moto Moto E G and the old phone back cover also can be replaced, but MOTOROLA also offers new Moto E “colorful border”, Moto E SD card and the SIM card can be hidden in the inside frame, this is the biggest difference between the three. If you are willing to spend 20 dollars to buy a frame to replace mobile phone original borders, your phone will be colorful. If worried about their beloved phone is broke, 20 dollars can buy a “mobile phone drop”, rubber ring is a good way to protect the back of the phone from collision.

Moto E feels quite comfortable. Although Moto E airframe completely made out of plastic, and the design of the frame after compared with the previous generation of Moto complete shell appears relatively weak, but will never loose parts or body deformation condition. Moto E with grind arenaceous feel the texture and after the shell of the rough mobile frame, it will greatly reduce the risk of the phone slide. In the samsung mobile phone sales in plastic often received a complaint phone easy to slide.

Moto E 4.5 -inch screen features basic lasted for a generation of Moto G tradition, and two cell phones on the overall size is almost the same. But on the configuration of Moto E has lower resolution (960 x 540), while the resolution of the Moto G for 720 p. 244 ppi pixel parameter makes the Moto E will make images appear a little fuzzy. It will make you lose some bytes and image details, for most web sites and applications use, however, the screen is enough.

Moto E, the display is still strong. IPS panel with good color and visual Angle, and under the calculation of colorimeter, maximum brightness at about 360. When viewed from the Angle of your mobile phone screen, the color and pictures will not be distorted. Moto E fuselage edge won’t light-leaking, it compared with previous generations model is absolutely a breakthrough. Low-end mobile phones, laptops and tablets display often poor quality, but MOTOROLA never vague in this respect.

at the same level of smart phones, Moto E call quality is relatively good. This may sound like Moto E is a poor but can also make mobile phones. Phone the headphone speakers and fixed in the front silver bar below. So when you are watching YouTube can hear audio content, and the change will not occur. But the microphone is not bass effect, in this respect, MOTOROLA also trying to bring a surprise to the user.

unique combination: 64 chip, a 32-bit operating system

Moto E run is today’s latest Android5.0.2 system.

the strange thing is, even if the Snapdragon processor and 410 Android Lollipop are consistent and applied to a 64 – bit ARMv8 processors, but the phone still use the 32-bit version of the Android system. We should ask the relevant person in charge of MOTOROLA, and their explanation makes sense:

64 Android processor is very novel, but often give a great load cell phone memory. Although the Moto E hardware support 64 – bit processors, but mostly 32-bit software and applications. In order to make the Moto E best performance, we are still using a 32-bit system. We will continue to be observed 64 update of the system and performance optimization.

in other words, don’t count on low-end phones popular 64 – bit processors, except 2 gb of memory has been completely abandoned. Although this change users is difficult to detect, if you are looking for a high cost performance, 64 Android phones, Moto E LTE will let you down.

as for the software installation, in the Google Nexus, we will have a lot of enlightenment: Google’s native system is now the default home screen, and most of the pre-installed software belongs to Google.

MOTOROLA companies rarely use their own software tools, its complete update all software through Google Play store.

Moto application contains a Moto assistant function. This function can be a phone automatically mute during the night, and keep the screen closed. In addition, when your schedule shows you in a meeting, Moto assistant will automatically mute and reply mail for you.

Moto E also contains a special Moto display, mobile phone in the past, this function is also called dynamic display. When the mobile phone in a closed state, received notice in brief on the phone’s screen display. This function on the Moto X is more useful. When you hand over the phone’s screen across from a distance, the simplified internal structure of Moto E cannot be detected. Moto E are using the IPS display, rather than AMOLED display, this means that even shows some information, Moto E must also light up the whole screen.

if you like the function, we would like you recommend using native environment Lollipop Display (Ambient Display). This version will be to show you to the home rich data in detail. It will cost more in the AMOLED display power to get more pixels effect, but for the Moto E in this aspect will not cause too much trouble.

next, let’s take a look at the Moto input method. This is my first time to use the Android 5.0 keyboard. Have to say that the Material of the Design style of Google keyboard is designed for large screen. When using Moto E input text, I made more mistakes than ever before. In return for Holo style Google input method, I also found the original type of accuracy.

in the end, we come to talk about a Lollipop system and MOTOROLA software update policy.

Lollipop is a mature operating system, it has gradually restored since November all its problems. Use the Lollipop means you will probably want to often stand application failure or even collapse. Such a system, will make your phone automatically reset the time and date. Personally feel that this kind of problem is really boring. In addition, memory leaks also threaten Lollipop system stability.

MOTOROLA to establish its own characteristics, has been trying to speed up the software update. When Google released for manufacturers and users of the Android 5.1 and some subsequent versions of the application, MOTOROLA will likely be the updating speed faster. The first generation of Moto X, G, and E are waiting for Lollipop system update, but for the user to update a little slow, may not be very care about.

the problem is that lenovo’s acquisition behavior of MOTOROLA how future development will produce profound influence. MOTOROLA’s sales have broke the previous record, so MOTOROLA had hope for the company to keep its regular pattern of operation. If the software update can’t become a stable strengths, to some extent, it will weaken the attraction of MOTOROLA’s mobile phone.


old Moto E 4 g storage space is very serious problem. Because it is only 2 gb of free space, and to transfer text to the SD card also need manual operation. New Moto E has a considerable 8 GB of storage space, real space available up to 4.58 GB, such improvements for users to download applications or use entertainment equipment provides the convenient.

new Moto E storage for those who often browse web sites, send and receive messages, use maps of mild users, notably weak. Memory is too small not to mobile phone users. As far as I am concerned, I listen to music on the company, on Hulu and Netflix or HBD watching video on the GO, so the size of the mobile storage space almost has no influence on me.

there is three kinds of the SD card users expect the vast storage:

1. The film lovers or music lovers;

2. Photographer;

3. Mobile game enthusiasts.

there are a number of applications is not recommended for users to move it to the SD card, but the game software would not be so. MOTOROLA’s camera application allows the user to the SD card is set as the target, it will make photography enthusiasts can follow one’s inclinationsly beautiful photo collection.

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