Experience the BMW i8: car for the foreseeable future is not a tesla

hunting cloud network note: in the movie “mission impossible 4 “, a brand new BMW i8 hybrid two-door supercar left a deep impression to the person. Just a few years ago, is still in the economic crisis in the BMW launched i8 the concept map, wow a lot of people. Now, this seems to be leading the future trend of i8 finally listed, also let us more looking forward to the future.

there was a time when we dream of flying car, fantasizing about stealth, fantasizing about gas plate, but the product of the imagination is still science fiction. But BMW i8 , let’s hope for the future one step closer.

for a week’s consumer electronics show in Las Vegas let me exhaustion of body and mind, this is going to fly home, had to drive new 2015 BMW i8 return to Los Angeles. This is a difficult task, but somebody has to try, so I just took over the job of fame.

i8 is BMW’s new supercar, used the hybrid engines, accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h about 4.4 seconds. i8 appearance looks like Hot Wheels car, the performance is similar to the supercar, the 13.5 $, and high-end porsche. Obviously, this is not a mass-market cars, even if the relatively cheap BMW i3 is not for the mass products. BMW launched this hybrid simple is a mixture of Honda, nissan, nissan and Chevrolet etc. The characteristics of the hybrid.

add spirit, full of electricity, ready, go. Although I and i8 stay time is very short, but I spent several days in the Vegas cruising around, everywhere will attract a lot of attention. Even let the car traffic paralysis, groups of people standing on the sidewalk or from a cab, take out the camera phones constantly.

parking in LPG station waiting is a test of patience. Everyone passing by to take a photo, want to tell me about how they like how a car because of the cost of the helpless to give up the story. And the car parked in the hotel’s interest is much higher than before the CES , presumably because it thought it is just a trade shows for the BMW.

but, in the next few days she is mine.

with i8 no trunk, so I can put all the luggage in the back seat, and then along the I – 15 road toward Los Angeles forward. Sunny, clear all the way, but I’m not going to hundreds of miles to the airport hotel directly.

on the contrary, I’m going to take advantage of this period of time, a good experience a i8 . See Mojave after the first sign of national reserve, I left the highway, driving on the open desert highway. Everything is the same as I expected, I am very glad to i8 to perform so well.

BMW could launch i8 is really shocking, before this, i8 is only a concept car, and now has become a reality. In the worst economic recession 2009 years, BMW has released a bright concept map. Now, five years later, I was sitting in the i8 car, enjoy the outside Las Vegas desolate beauty, while forward along the road to open desert. In the silence of the desert, I can hear only the slight vibration sound emitted by the hybrid engine.

hybrid engines placed by an electric motor somewhere around a car and a small, 2 l turbo engine series. Such choices not only cater to the environmentalists, also cater to the tastes of some geeks.

using hybrid model not only the speed is fast, traffic is relatively stable, i8 can even only runs on electricity support 15 miles. When variable speed to movement patterns, i8 will also meet the needs of high strength.

no matter what kind of pattern can be implemented quickly start and accelerate, will the accelerator can be implemented in the 4.4 seconds accelerated to 100 km/h . This speed is amazing, especially when overtaking, imposed on crew down force, this kind of situation usually occurs in the super sports car. According to common sense, the acceleration of power system using the car motor moment, after a few seconds again by 3 cylinder engine power.

when movement patterns, car issued a similar to the sound of a thunderstorm, like modern supercar run on the road. BMW pipe is used to change the engine noise through the sound system back to the case, although it is a little bit lazy, but the idea is very good. Have to say, about the i8 surprised me the most is that voice, after all, before I didn’t expect hybrids can be a very good deal with the noise problem.

all Mojave desert the grandeur of the scenery let me surprised, of course, always pot-holed roads, cross a tortuous route. After Kelso Depot section of a small village, the road became like a roller coaster, up and down the wound. But for these barriers, i8 performance but to my surprise, the performance of high beyond my expectations.

this can be attributed to the performance of the i8 carbon fiber “blocks” of life, with this, driving on the way of any extreme were like on flat ground. , for example, when I am fast driving over bumps parts, car produces vibration, the vibration can be produced, let the car firmly fixed on the road, not fly.

i8 extensive use of carbon fibre material, the weight of the whole car only about 1.5 t, than the porsche 911 turbo or 2015 Corvette light about 0.1 t. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull