Experience joy 1 Pro: fever much life short, EUi system to be perfect


today is the hottest time a “machine”. “Machine” is not necessarily die, not the “machine” has been the industry think will die very ugly. When the BAT at different levels to participate in the “machine” army, Letv also sit not to live. As you can see, the collection of online video, smart TV, Internet, car (bike), smart home and other business in one of the “big MAC”, also launched a so-called reverse the Letv apple mobile phone, in order to improve its ecosystem.

to some extent, this dish chess Jia Yueting a preliminary layout. If put aside at the core of the mobile phone experience, now has a new brand of smartphone success criteria should have the following four: first, the millet and millet “class” such as the Internet phones bombarded the, still can attract the attention of the most general ordinary users, and allow the user to produce to compare power; Second, the appearance wants “lovable”, at first glance, “beauty” to do. Of course, should have on appearance design gimmick, such as “no frame design”; Third, pile parameters is very important. An interesting phenomenon is that the more common (white) user, the more feel sensitive parameters of pure hardware. It is those who have the experience of playing “machine” mature users, pay more attention to the experience. In other words, what eight nuclear, 3 gb of memory, 13 million pixels, HiFi… Is one of the move white are the basis of the strategy. Fourth, pursuit and competitors on the price of similar products of “the standard”. A new handsets should how to pricing, basically is to see how competitors. There is no minimum, only lower, this is the future China’s smartphone market over a period of “normality”.

Basic configuration:

, all in the name of upset the apple to actual standard millet

although joy as the phone conference promises to first supply 300000 units, but from a “tight” media measurement machine, you can see depending on how the “popular”. Unfortunately, after waiting for two weeks (officially open after-sale), we only got the Letv phone 1 Pro this device. Because there is no more test machine contrast reference, so the following evaluation experience just may be a case of problem.

to look at the first 1 Pro configuration:

5.5 inch screen, 2 k resolution;

carry Xiao 810 dragon core processor;

1 mm extremely narrow border, all metal material;


4 million pixels front-facing camera, automatic skin care functions, 13 million pixel camera;

support mobile, unicom, telecom, double card double stay 4 g;

with separate audio decoding chip and operations, provide HiFi sound experience;

gold, silver, white, optional;

sells for 2499 yuan.

appearance and design: at first glance, doing a beauty, but not only “beauty”

music depending on 1 Pro (hereinafter referred to as “le 1 Pro) adopted the classic three-step design. Le depending on the flagship of the “world’s first without borders ID design mobile phone”, build “without borders” illusion, let it look very lovable. Although when you light up the screen or in a theme can clearly found that the phone is not what you think “real without borders”, but also can be called the first beauty. The bottom of the screen virtual buttons backlight is very bleak, don’t know whether it is intentional. Although the design further to make mobile phone before the face clean, but for the user, or in the early have certain learning costs. Because basically outdoors, you won’t be able to see the three virtual buttons.

1 Pro’s back is a three-stage design, although a lot of people ridicule iPhone6 and HTC One after the “aesthetics of ugliness”, but le 1 Pro back around the metal chamfering edge trimming technology, under the light, to address himself to the iphone “leucorrhea abnormality” Letv black belt more obvious. Aesthetic, of course, have always been a matter of opinion, we don’t need too much.

1 pro USES full metal jacket, have certain radian after the back shell, although it should be in order to accord with human body engineering, but it is aeriform in increasing the thickness of the phone (before the face of suspended glass screen will increase the thickness of the machine). While the 1 pro and millet 4 on the thickness of the edge, but with the weight of 177 g, the volume of 5.5 inches, makes the phone becomes abnormal pressure “hand”. Big, thick and heavy, it is to the user in the daily experience of lingering feelings. In addition, 1 pro take in your hand, also can let a person have a kind of luo hand feeling, it should be and chamfering edge trimming and the design of float glass.

happy pro 1 as the first beauty, in the daily experience, I didn’t feel suffocation “beauty” (Jia Yueting). A good mobile phone design, should not only pursue the appearance. Although iPhone6 Plus is 5.5 inches, weight is similar, but because more rounded design, let the user feel more comfortable in the experience. The design of the mobile phone is supposed to be beautiful and comfortable and the combination of the two. Otherwise again beautiful beauty, also can with a continuation of the time, and the loss of aesthetic feeling.

le see 1 pro contrast millet 4

screen, heat and momentum: sacrifice for parameter experience

the reason put these three questions together said, because there is a certain logic relationship between each other. Le 1 pro adopted 2 k screen. For has remained at 720 p and 1080 p users, this screen will definitely give you an unprecedented experience. Though they may usually use difference is not big, but for Letv this main video service of mobile phone brands, the screen seems to be indispensable. Especially in the high definition video, images, the resolution of the screen, viewing Angle, color reduction are doing very well.

but also seems to be because of this, let originally very generous le 1 2 k screen Pro (3000 ma) life problems. Especially in the web site a lot of pictures and watch the video, power consumption speed is very fast. Basically can only support for 4 hours of high-definition video.

but in the course of everyday use, le 1 pro can support the use of a whole working day. We found frequently in use, after watching the video, if there is no clean up or shut down video, just turn off the phone screen, 1 Pro power lost speed is still better than no open video applications when standby power lost faster.

in several didn’t clean video application background program, close the screen directly, after we found the remaining 60% of electricity le 1 pro (6 hours) after a night have automatic shutdown. In addition, watching video and continue to load multiple pages, mobile phone is not charging rate of use. Especially when watching the video, it basically USES Type – C charging mobile phones can’t normal charge, mobile power rise but not fall.

in addition, le 1 pro also really let a person experience Xiao dragon 810 super “passion”. 810 “with” 2 k on the screen, full metal jacket, feel the hot issues in the experience, especially mobile frame part, this may be especially in hot summer.

the momentum and heat problem, of course, it is not just a hardware, Letv phone system optimization, software and hardware technology can also be to blame for the problem. (Update: Letv official explained that fever problem because it is a development machine, a market opportunity to solve.)

EUi system: window not prominent

overall EUi5 system window is not prominent. Despite the meizu executives to join, but both from completion system and easy to use ways remains to be perfect. Although there will be lock screen sense the heart of the right hand little detail, but the system Bug for a new operating system is unavoidable.

Letv currently in every three days or so to push an upgrade, a patchwork of perfect work. We have some experience in use, let a person feel uncomfortable: pull up, down or from the screen, for example, can start quickly set up bar. While the latter was arranged in the multitasking menu to switch this interaction logic rarely encountered in the Android phone before.

in addition, I don’t know what the reason, insufficient storage space often remind us: the use of only 1 Pro download the application of around 10, 30 pictures (4 m), not more than 10 local music, no cache file, such as 1 Pro insufficient storage space or remind.

we open the system Settings page of storage that digital display space capacity of the article and the color shown in the condition of the inconsistency of the remaining space (pictured). And download system at through third-party cleaning tools, are unable to solve, later can only through the way of recovery factory for processing.

in addition, Letv phone launched by the “happy” and Live system window design, such as is not satisfactory. The Live page open speed is slow, welcome to recommend mechanism is not so accurate. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull