Experience Android for Work: just a cell phone, easier life and Work

cloud network hunting note: are you still in for at the same time bring personal mobile phones and work? Or is it the same personal information on the phone and work information silly points not clear? So good news, Google latest dual role for the Work with a user’s system – Android, a cell phone, personal information and job information classification and can clearly see at any time, it will be your perfect partner?

if you are working in the company, so you should be able to notice that some one or a large group of people – people living with the two phones. Is a private mobile phone, filled with family photos, games, and social and motor applications, and the other one is company give up with the work of the machine, the inside is filled with mail, booking information, such as contract work file. Because is two cell phones, so even though your company’s information technology department to work full control over your data, even remotely delete files, but they can’t see your private photos or other personal information. Therefore, carrying two phones is a feasible scheme, but this solution of dual configuration also brought a lot of inconvenience, you need to carry two phones, two charger, no extra space in his pocket. Another solution is to carry your private mobile phone, control by your information technology department and application installed on a series of work.

there is a better solution, that is “double role smartphone”, to be able to work on a mobile phone to realize separate data and personal life. Blackberry first to apply the idea and train of thought to its operating system BB10, but compared with the users really want to achieve the effect of BB10 total to slow to a third party solutions to problems.

in Android 5.0, joined the “management configuration file” Google API, laid the foundation for Android support dual role, and now Google company put forward a more complete solution, known as “Android for Work”.

work and personal applications, both in the same interface display

on a smartphone way there are many kinds of double roles and functions, Android supports multiple users, so the working data and individual data separation of the most simple way is to develop two users: individual users and work. You will have a separate application, data, ICONS, wallpaper and media layout, that is, all files are respectively for the two parts. In view the notice, however, when using the application, you need between two users log in and log out, no one really want this level of separation.

the BlackBerry dual role of the 10 system user mode, namely the BlackBerry Balance, use the space in the form of interface, similar to set up a virtual desktop phone. You can bring up a menu, click on the “work” or “personal” button, and then will pop up with a new wallpaper and application independent interface. When your phone is one of the space in the interface, you can’t see another space interface in the notification message. This is basically similar to develop the method of two users, only with two users switch instead of directly between two users log in and log out.

Android for Work a little different, it USES the multi-user function of the Android framework to ensure that the working data and personal data separate, but not to switch between users. All the files and programs on the same interface. Through Google Apps and Google Apps Device Policy program, can form a personal application list and a managed by your company to operate the file list additional work.

on a home page, you can have two the same application, one for personal life, one for the job, used for job application will be a little red flags as tags. To remove small sign, the application and the familiar personal application no difference. Gmail looks the original Gmail, just above one more company user accounts.

of course, in system on the home page, you can not move and arrange your icon, but always work program icon display in the second part of the program list (i.e., after your personal programs and files). Our never thought to all the programs and files to arrange in alphabetical order, but now we’re thinking about some people may not like “work icon row after” classification scheme.

as well as other applications, the two account notice and will appear in the notification bar according to the order. And procedure arrangement, all of the notification can be divided into two categories, work and personal, and work notice will also have a small red folder. Notice the overview of all the content can be classified in to help users work in Gmail and follow one’s inclinations of fast switching between personal Gmail.

Android for Work has even added a file switch to share conversations, so the user can choose to share content will be sent to the designated account.

this project in May 2014, Google bought a company named “Divide”, on the basis of the research achievements of the company has been developed for Android and iOS fairly good double application role. However, the role of an application is limited, therefore, Google will be this kind of dual role performance into the operating system, Android and the Play Store together better. Android for the Work in 2014 Google I/O conference, the conference also claimed that samsung will provide KNOX enterprise mobile solutions for this system code. Obviously, there appeared some problems because the Android for doesn’t use samsung the code provided in the Work.

Android always can’t use a variety of ways to give mobile encryption, a high security requirements for the Work with a company and thus could not use Android. Google Apps Device Policy can be used to lock the operating system, but its way of locking is very limited, and the function of the existing is password-protected, mandatory equipment encryption, locking make camera function at the same time. In this system, there is no encryption can prevent others from work file and paste copy data to others’ personal Gmail. Therefore, Google’s current target market is mainly concentrated on to those companies which do not require high security. Later, however, Google, said Android for Work actually has a lock file copy/paste the check box, and you can also withdraw its Shared functions.

installation is just the beginning of a “nightmare” Byzantium

Android 5.0 is released in the five months before, you may be confused why we have been studying the performance of it. You need not only support the performance of a system, also need a compatible with enterprise mobility management scheme (EMM). Compatible scheme has many, but here, all we ask is Google’s application software, which USES Google job applications – commercial version of Google web applications. Requires the use of Google applications (or other enterprise mobility management scheme) means you need to pay a monthly fee (Google application is $5 per user) to use the Android for the Work.

Android for Work from release to really can use is a long process. Google announced on February 25, the Android system is “ready”, in a week after Google just released the system need compatible Google applications, and all these really is put into use after another week.

to install Android for the Work, we’ll be the first to enter the Google released since the beginning of the most complex and confusing installation interface – Google program operation board. Many files when installation prompts “please contact your administrator”, because Google programs are mostly based on small businesses as the target market. In theory, a normal person can complete the installation, I am the administrator of the test installation.

a series of pictures showing the process of installation. When you take your Android for Work as an ancillary service to join Google applications, there will be a series of Android for the Work of the program Settings for the different parts of the dashboard. Then whether or not to go to search and try to add to the program about Android operating plate parts and the corner for the setup of the Work will depend on the user himself. If you are not ready from a series of installation in the picture above, the installation process must be a very bad experience.

Android for the Work of an urgent need to include all its Settings or a separate page to install the wizards. Because now during the installation you need access to three different areas and to copy and paste the verification code from one area to another area. And in the process, won’t have any installation wizard on the screen to tell you what to do next, so I am in the process of installation, always constantly ask “what should I do now?” .

to be fair, in most large enterprises in the installation process will be by the information technology department is responsible for, only the signature in all steps of the user is required to complete. But, don’t all enterprise software need to be so complicated?

give you the working file to add an application

in addition, the Android for Work also comes with a 5 working application: contacts, equipment management, download, Google set up and Play Store. At the same time, you can be anything you want, or your company want to application installation page to work. And, in the Work page to install the application and in your personal page setup is the same step, the difference is you want from “Google Play for Work” download and install, rather than the original Play Store.

at first, Google Play for Work is empty, without any application. Application must first be approved by the administrator dashboard by Google program, will not appear on the Google Play for the Work for the use of the user.

this process seems to be too complex. First, the administrator needs to through computer browser into Google Play for the Work, find the application, grant permission. Then, they need to enter Google program operation board the white list, and it is the Google site copy and paste to the dashboard. The user is only available to download from the electronic market to use as usual.

given the program needs between the different enterprise management of mobile business application, you will find this kind of complex is also reasonable. Android for Work and Google applications run in their respective fields, blending can’t communicate with each other, so they need the administrator as a bridge to exchange information.