Experience 2: red rice has “fever” millet can no longer be surprising

cloud network hunting note: red rice 2, facing the fierce competition in the Android One standard machine, red rice 2 whether can like red rice, conspicuous, the elaborate design of mobile phone in a low-cost machine increasingly competitive today, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

once it comes to $100 smartphone, you immediately have a preconceived impression: they must have come from those countries can’t find on the map, the UI designer’s sense than just from a trash can not much better find toys crayon raccoon pups, will have to constantly worried the goods directly in your pocket. However, millet red rice released in the mid – 2013 – phone successfully changed people’s view.

in 2 years later, red rice red rice of the third generation of machine 2 was here to stay. Relative to his two predecessors, 2 in red rice greatly improve the appearance of performance has a little more, of course, red rice series low price hasn’t changed, pride of global retail price at around $110.

when we experience in the early generation of red rice, millet successfully in a cheap machine to join so many strong functions that we have to take. Cheap machine, however, the major manufacturers have entered the era of “cost-effective” today, red rice, it’s very difficult to bring us 2 was shocked. Even Google entered the cost-effective cheap machine competition in the market. Released late last year, Google Android One, but also brings the new impact: the Android in One standard, Google with mobile phone manufacturers to ensure that the latest version of the Android system can run on cheap phone efficient and stable, given a cheap machine consumers never experience of high performance.

At the same time, red rice 2 also faces such as India Micromax Canvas A1 and the impact of the Indonesia Evercoss One X cheap machine, heads towards smartphone handset makers in these areas are design and production. At the same time can not be ignored is that India and Indonesia currently are respectively the second and the third largest market millet.

2 red rice is now in India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia is available, we believe that the other products, like millet red rice 2 will be unstoppable across the Eurasian mobile phone market.

2 red rice is a cost-effective products, and in the assessment we clearly need to be in the process of comparing with similar price of other products.


red rice series hardware since early 2013 generation machine listed there isn’t particularly large changes. With 4 g upgrade trend rise in Asia, this generation of red rice 2 of 4 g is timely. As with previous versions, red rice with a 4.7 2 feet of 720 p hd display, of course, because of the appearance design, 2 metres in red on the 4.7 -inch screen than in previous looks beautiful.

relative to the game, the most obvious change is the color of red rice 2 on the choice of more abundant, there are four color optional: white, green, yellow, or pink. But for some strange reason, in addition to outside the mainland China can only get the white model.

another significant change – this is only when you come into contact with your mobile phone can feel – red rice shell made of 2 antiskid processing. Compared with other cheap phones smooth plastic shell, red rice 2 looks than they don’t know where that high. At the same time, red rice 2 allows the user to replace the SIM card and battery at any time, and provide the function of east Asian people’s double card double stay happy.

red rice by 64 qualcomm Snapdragon 64 processing to drive, but its only 1 gb of memory. For a $100 of cheap machine that in normal, but the embarrassment of the beautiful MIUI restrictive this configuration operation.

red rice cameras to 8 million pixels, a front-facing camera 2 million pixels. Digital look very well, but don’t get excited, I’ll tell you why.

2 red rice with 8 gb of storage space, look great. But when you open it you will find that their own beautiful MIUI and Google apps (not a mainland China area red rice with Google a full set of application) has occupied a lot of space. I borrowed from the millet test machine shows new only 5.75 GB of space, this 5.75 GB is only 4.66 GB is our available. That is to say, in the 8 gb of space in your hand half has already gone. Of course, millet 2 has a Macro SD card slot, so you can buy a 32 gb of Macro SD card to expand your storage space.

red rice 2 has three features in the fuselage of groove, the voice of the fuselage right sequence and switch machine buttons, the fuselage is at the top of the headphone jack and at the bottom of the mini USB port. The virtual buttons on the screen without design source is my personal idea of a failure, I often so press return key by mistake.

red rice fuselage sense of 2 or more strong is not easy broken or bent like the iPhone 6. Those looks very metallic buttons which are made of plastic, it doesn’t matter, just feels comfortable. Hardware looks possible, however, about the cheap long-term circulating many disturbing machine hardware. Some people say that their red rice into fragmentary state after a year of use or parts, such as cameras, completely unable to work.

My favorite game is these days to EA’s Real Racing 3. This is a very strong authenticity do game, the feeling of each car is different. Like racing plans or Fozern mobile version, I have become addicted. So I this week are in red rice 2 4.7 inch screen trying to use my driving skills, in Melbourne winding circuit between win victory. So I’m on the red rice 2 installation is the first game of the Real Racing 3. First installation Real Racing 3, I didn’t expect it to really run that, after all is the Nexus 7 (days) I can’t run Real Racing. 3. Results out of my expectation, Real Racing 3 run on red rice 2 very well. The only problem is that when playing Real Racing 3 if a call, before the game is automatically suspended red rice 2 will shake up first, not careful will ruin your cornering. But except for that, they have no other problems.

on a platform of only 1 gb, I thought that the game is unlikely to run, it seems now we should give the little red rice more trust.

important, 1 gb of memory restriction more embodied in the daily use of the red card, or beautiful MIUI crash at 2 meters. Once you have opened up a little more some applications, you will be found in the task pane you only around 100 MB of memory is available. Even in the case of close all applications, beautiful MIUI itself occupies about 70% of the memory.

red rice 2 2200 ma battery only enough about your daily business use, but relative to the competitors the smaller battery, the red rice 2200 ma 2 still has some advantages.

screen and sound

red rice fragile 720 p hd display can present a colorful color. For users, 720 p is reached the standard of hd. The size of the 720 p display can provide more excellent display effect. This millet do cheaper than other Android One series is much better, they don’t have hd display.

and other series of mobile phones as millet, red rice, 2 volume is loud and clear, maybe a bit too loud. This makes some music can not be perfect with red rice 2 speakers, but for game sound is no pressure.

software and feature

red rice new Android One learned millet mobile phone book of rivals – strong performance of cheap machine with cheap UI — it is pulled open posture. Some people might think that Android One standard mobile phones with Google outstanding application and quick update operation system best. Indeed, many factory Settings for the Android 4.4 Android One standard mobile phones now upgraded to Android 5.0 or Android 5.1. But 2 has no such red rice, millet doesn’t seem to believe that the Android 4.4 with the combination of millet beautiful MIUI V6 is behind The Times.

beautiful MIUI V6 for millet Android skin brings a fresh and fashionable breath. Beautiful MIUI V6 on red rice 2 and high-end machine on millet Note, the effect of this is good news for red rice 2, because the skin is more praise. I am not Android skin, but millet Android do truly great skin.

add some beautiful MIUI Android itself is not with the use of features, such as a notice to the console. This is a good news for users, because most application developers tend to use constant prompt message to urge users continue to use their products, and millet beautiful MIUI, let they no longer have such a trouble to the user. This block selection function – much like iOS has now, first appeared as early as the early version of the beautiful MIUI – gives the user to choose whether to allow application pop-up hints or send the ability to push the message in the lock screen. In our tests, beautiful MIUI seem to drag applications running in the background automatically, which like the plague of the Android machine, quickly run out of the battery.