Exclusive: wedding reservation platform “looking for my net” for millions of investment

(text/Yang Sihui)

recently, I find the net to cloud network exclusive hunting, has won millions angel investment in April, north soft angel, angel joint investment combination.

wedding people online booking platform looking for my net, from chengdu to find my technology co., LTD., investment operation, launched on August 2, 2014. Looking for my net mainly offers new host, photographer, cameraman, dresser and so on the wedding reservation service. Newcomers can sort through the screening schedule, price, credit rating, user evaluation methods such as fast to find the right wedding, and can be directly online booking. Previously, hunting cloud network was once a detailed report on the project:

in C2C mode into the wedding market, looking for my net has the following features:

1, provide practitioners credit rating, real-name authentication;

2, real time release the wedding season, direct online booking;

3, the implementation of consumer protection plan, pay the deposit online;

4, real user reviews, to provide users with choice basis;

5, according to user preference intelligent recommendation, planner to plan as a whole.

by looking for my net, selected from the wedding to the ceremony, the couple just five steps to get the wedding, also can save half of the cost of the wedding. Compared with other O2O model wedding services platform, find my network communication between the more focused on the couple and the wedding people choice, let the user can be selected, one-on-one to two-way choice a deal. At the same time, looking for my network as wedding housekeeper implementation regulation, the protection of the rights of wedding ceremony and the couple both sides.

find I tell hunting cloud network network CEO Long Hong, officially launched, there have been 650 wedding people have come to find my net, more than 600 couples by looking for my net held wedding, 99.9% were pleased with the couple in the wedding. Long Hong said: “finance, looking for my net will be focused on enhancing service awareness, on the one hand, strict wedding people into conditions, signing more good wedding in; On the other hand, we try to monthly scheduled wedding breakthrough 100 games. In addition, we are ready to chengdu and chongqing market will expand their business to other cities at the same time.”

it is reported, looking for my network will start in August. A round of funding.