Exclusive venue booking and sport circle 】 social platform moving us open, millions of angel financing has ended

(text/Yang Sihui)

move the founder Liu Teng dumpling to cloud network exclusive hunting, has won 1 million dollars before officially launched the angel round.

to move the us open is a booking of sports venues and sports social platform, web, wap side launched in December 2014, has observed the letter end, iOS, Android version is in private. In January of this year, chongqing move us to complete the first batch of 27 tenants, establish the depth of cooperation, with 13 currently, moving us open online payment monthly order amount is doubled growth compared with the previous month, April monthly has exceeded 30000 yuan.

when it comes to establish the purpose of the us open, Liu Teng dumpling convective cloud network, said: “the domestic sports industry scale is about 350 billion yuan in 2014, more than half of them depend on sports, sports lottery sales of about 20 billion yuan, and the consumption of venue booking only about 3 billion yuan, but national sports passion surging in recent years, rapid development momentum, move the us open is conveniently. At that time, I want to do a business, find some like-minded friends, choose this niche, combined with the Internet, planning for the project.”

by the us open, the user can real-time query football, badminton, tennis, fitness and other site dynamic, at a lower price online booking site; Can also release sports demand, the game, create a club, about friends position, in the us open social platform to win honour and attention. At the same time, the network businesses provide MIS operating system, free to help businesses for site management, sales, membership management, financial statements and data analysis. Has been solved in this way, because users and business communication, business site management confusion, the user can’t find a venue, merchant sites open stoping rate high pain points.

Liu Teng dumpling that existing O2O main competitors and interesting movement, move and go China three APP, but the former two field data is less and the timeliness and accuracy is not high, social function is weakening, and go China no obvious results. As for sport social network main competitors splash and to move, social function is single, the lack of overall social function of planning. “These products on the surface looked is competitors, in fact, with the development of our way of thinking is different, we are more inclined to do content, athletic, and social movement.” Liu Teng dumpling convective cloud network said.

now, move the U.S. experience than ordinary products. But Liu Teng dumpling is introduced, the team will simplify user operations, improve product experience on the longitudinal; In horizontal league, and other functions, and take some strategies on users promotion, integration in the product. At present, the us open in chongqing also pilot, copy the national plan in three years, to reach tens of millions of users, provide online booking service for 30000 sports venues.

business model, the venue booking, MIS system is free, but pay part of the social network, organization league, sponsorship, advertising, sports brands vertical electrical business profit model can be expected.

team, dynamic network CEO Liu Teng beauty dumpling is responsible for a number of large and medium-sized projects, in team building, system architecture, project management has a rich experience; The CTO Cai Lin graduated from USTC has rich experience in software development and architecture; CMO Guo Zewu has rich experience in sales management, previously worked in a listed company in sichuan province.

it is understood that move us open is preparing A round of funding.