“Exclusive” to build sharing, social gay social platform “cherry” has won 3 million angels


cherry comrade is located in the crowd, at the same time support the social application of gay men and women.

why call cherry?

cherry can represent a lot of good things, a symbol of love, happiness and sweetness. English is Cherries Cherries, and pronounced the Cherish, contains the meaning of treasure. Hope every use cherry user to be able to find a sincere partners and friends, and cherish each other.

cherry founder wang gang, had developed Onions help and WoNong platform, in the product architecture, service port development and the android client has a wealth of experience. Wang gang told hunting cloud network, doing Onions help project social software (students) when they want to develop a gay social software, through the survey of domestic gay social software, found that this is a rare teams involved blue ocean market, the market gap is very big, and wang gang in the development of the accumulation of social project, before two months to complete the server and the Android client development and online.

about cherry

cherry users can through the software to view nearby comrade, comrade can view personal data at the same time, photo albums, text. Built-in leer bombing function, users can chat up hundreds of comrade, a few seconds for lazy people. Application support completely anonymous, and effectively protect the privacy of users. Cherry was also the first domestic gay dating applications that go abroad, there are 42 languages registered in 80 countries. APP built-in translation, the user can smoothly communicate with foreign gay friends.

unlike the existing lesbian and gay social software on the market is cherry puts forward the concept of “heavy share light dating”, the product function in a similar microblogging or friend coil content sharing and can specify tags, whether anonymous, languages, words can add pictures. Comrade wang gang said that the general social applications like stranger stranger, a just dating, dating. And cherry is more like “weibo”, sharing is the core of the application function, and social attributes will gradually weaken. Most gay social software in the market now is focus on offline dating, that meet the needs of the single most comrades, but already have a partner, comrade also needs to have communication and sharing platform, so cherry weakening dating, attaches great importance to the concept of life to share of gay dating now the software can make up for a function.

relative to the Blued and Zank both claims the number of users reached more than 10 million of the men with social software, lesbian social software in the market there have been no users temporarily dominance. Blued and Zank flagship online dating dating offline, lesbian social software Do is also a main idea. Cherry on user mastered with two men and lesbian community, not only has a platform to make friends, pay more attention to a dynamic information sharing, and now the lesbian and gay social software market apart from the more complex situation.

about user and development

cherry android version released in May 2014, after the rapid iteration, from version 0.1 to 0.1 has 40 iterative update version. Now android end user a total of around 500000, IOS end users is about 100000, the number of active users, at around 6000, month growth remain at about 4-50000. Wang gang told hunting cloud network, on the basis of optimization products continue to improve, cherries this year the number of users could reach 1 million.

from the point of profit model, the main point of profit cherry mainly for businesses advertising, built-in purchase and value-added services, etc. Relative to other competitors function of most of the free use, the profit pattern of cherries are relatively clear, also in the process of continuously perfect. In the future development of wang gang hope cherry can be the most popular gay dating platform, under the precondition of the development of internationalization of world famous gay software.

cherry founder wang gang told cloud network exclusive hunting, in March of this year has cherry project of chongqing high and angel investment of 3 million yuan, the group has already started to prepare A round of funding.