Exclusive: the way of surrounding the cities from the countryside, maternal health butler Ibaby has won 2 million investment

(text/Tan Ziling)

according to the national bureau of statistics, according to data released in February 2015, in 2014 16.87 million babies are born in China, the birth rate of 1.237%, 0.29% higher than in 2013. As the two-child policy open, the prospect of market of maternal pediatric huge imaginary space, at the same time, the happen of doctor-patient contradiction in reality is also very common. Based on the present situation, the founding team created a housekeeper – Ibaby maternal education health management.

About Ibaby

Ibaby “maternal pediatric – doctor-patient interaction” as the entrance, accumulation “mother + production/pediatrician” platform, its consumer groups located in 20 ~ 45, highly educated women, their ability to acceptance of new things, and also high to the requirement of maternal pediatric medical service. Ibaby to improve medical experience, through efficient connection to reduce the waste of medical resources, at the same time, combining with the intelligent algorithm for the doctor’s diagnosis, treatment and decision-making provide new data to support.

Ibaby have doctors and pregnant mother two versions of the APP, pregnant mother version mainly provide some online visits and knowledge base, through online visits, pregnant mother can undertake advisory to doctors in, the knowledge base for the pregnant mother provide some knowledge for production, inoculation and postpartum a series, Ibaby and health butler’s role at the same time, you can set the related matters remind function; For doctors, in the doctor can through this port to assist pregnant mother, and the pregnant mother’s online communication and exchanges, at the same time, the doctor can also communicate with each other, between to enhance the professional quality, and can collect cases.

Ibaby Lv Guotao founder is a serial entrepreneur, entrepreneurship more than 10 years; Co-founder yu-xia Chen has been operating camp spicy community, cloud and other products, products rich operating experience; Co-founder Hou Xuceng as founder, lenovo institutions such as technical director position. Team is now up to 30 people.

Ibaby since April 20, 2015 online registration pregnant mother already had more than 2000 people, the certification of the doctor there are more than 200. Authentication mainly comes from the doctor including women and children’s hospital of chengdu huaxi, angel maternity hospital, women and children hospital WeiCheng in shaanxi province people’s hospital and Beijing huatai hospital, hospital 50.

about business model and promote

“medical itself is a kind of just need, like spring rain, the lilac garden enterprise has developed to a relatively mature stage, we choose a niche, we need to do a heavy vertical niche, adopt the strategy of the development of rural areas to encircle the cities, from chengdu around three or four lines such as mianyang and deyang city, and then extend to the center city.” Lv Guotao told hunting cloud network.

to profit, Ibaby currently focused on building a pregnant mother communication platform between the doctor and, in the future to expand from the medical and health services to life services, for a second extension, on the one hand, and the doctor into pharmaceutical factory cooperation, on the other hand also with the third party professional organizations to establish cooperation, provide psychological counseling pregnant mother age, infertility, and other services.

about promotion, Ibaby will use weibo, WeChat, watercress and other social media, and to promote traditional application market, offline, the team will be planning some activities related to the pregnant mother and child care, to achieve the propaganda effect.

Ibaby goal this year is 100000, registered pregnant mother in thousands of the doctor, pregnant mother number for up to 500 ~ 10 million in three years, in the doctor number, and the extension of the scope of business to the southwest and northwest regions.

in addition, Lv Guotao told hunting cloud network, in October 2014, Ibaby for domestic well-known founder of obstetrics and gynecology hospital and the founder of international: health hospital a total of 2 million investment. Has now formally launched A round of funding plan.