Exclusive: the virtual reality team spirit – mirror VR grade must Pre – A round of funding


virtual reality team spirit – mirror VR founder Zhang Shubin told cloud network exclusive hunting, has obtained A certain level of listed companies must Pre – A round, completed in October last year. In addition, the magic mirror VR also before the project started in 2014, won the angels ucdos seed investment more than 100 100 yuan. After a year of research and development, at present the product immersive virtual reality glasses – 360 degrees, has now completed the raise of nearly 300000 yuan.

magic mirror VR founder Zhang Shubin convective cloud network, according to the virtual reality glasses white spirit mirror product positioning for entry-level mobile phone accessory products, can bring complete 360 – degree immersive experience, different from other similar products on the market of huge episodic experience, can bring more realistic effect, in simple terms is greatly weakened the square black border “dance theater” feeling. Just to watch an imax ticket money can move the whole theater home! At present, the first 159 yuan of the raise price is already full, were indeed both no.

when it comes to the plans for the future, Zhang Shubin said that currently the focus of work is small white spirit mirror taobao the raise, the raise the end will only consider A round of funding. In addition, the magic mirror at the same time there is for a high-end users and developers use mirror black one-piece products – spirit. Is still in perfect, stay tuned.

hunting cloud network interviews Zhang Shubin learned that he used to work in the community game ten years, left office in 2010, the first business do is social game “magic water world”, in 2011 began to transform the mobile Internet, doing O2O “mobile phone” that rent a house, this time the third business which is matching with experience, also can saying is interested in, with his own words: “play games play 20 years, 10 years, this gets a take interest as a career.”