“Exclusive” team work meal O2O startups to eat son get source investment

cloud network exclusive hunting, focus on team work meal o2o startups have a meal again to obtain source investment. Previously, please eat son in May 2014 to complete partners China investment of millions of yuan angel, in November 2014 to complete the etheric, source of capital and capital by JingLin investment tens of millions of yuan A round of investment.

son eating rice on the world belongs to the Beijing science and technology development co., LTD., was established in April 2014. Lunch is provided for the enterprise group meal to eat son custom start-up, mainly solving the problem of small and medium-sized enterprise employees at noon meal. At present there are cattle, customer innovation works and the diffuse camera, coffee, Qian Fang garage, and many other Internet companies.

many restaurant O2O project, have a meal, to select the group meal as the breakthrough point, as long as the company for up to 20 people can apply for group meal number of first self-service pattern, the buffet meals prepared by the kitchen personnel service company, chosen by the consumer freedom hun vegetable collocation, choice space is large. Consumers for the first time, after the completion of orders can be directly, without any complicated repeat operation. After a week to replace a new menu, son APP will display menu next week for consumers in advance. Eat support monthly statement, and was relieved from the cumbersome checkout process every day.

founder Xia Xin is a hardy, mentality is open after 90 entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial do is zero for the first time order; Chose the second undertaking its meal, have a meal, to provide customized lunch for small and medium-sized enterprises, successfully got the investment.

the start-up stage, although as a CEO, but Xia Xin concurrently hold the position of customer service, delivery personnel, and many other jobs. Now Xia Xin mainly do two things, first is hiring, the second is to see customer, now the company less than 20 people. Eating son currently supports most areas within 5th ring road of Beijing group meal business, more areas will be open, hunting cloud network will continue to follow up to eat son also reported.

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