“Exclusive” software and hardware combination + LBS to ensure the safety of his family, close to find DFJ 5 million angel investment, have been obtained

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

“find” what is it?

find affinity is a help to solve family orientation, security issues (the elderly, children) light social App; Lightsome cute smart hardware design watches are introduced, as the extension of the original software and App comprehensive use. Close to find Chen Yiping is founder of the university of electronic science and technology master degree, MBA at Hong Kong university of science and technology, computer system before starting a business letter he had Ren Wei international senior product manager, responsible for micro letter southeast Asia product related work.

related to the work experience in micro letter, Chen Yiping become relatives by marriage to find the cause of the App from his family communication situation of thinking on the letter. “People are more likely Yu Zaiwei letter processing work, but the most important family, drowned out by a multitude of contacts. And the demand of the interconnection between family and WeChat are very different, there is no a lightweight product is very good to meet the needs of family security monitoring and communication.” He convective cloud network explained.

in addition, the elderly and the children of the family acceptance for smartphone App is very limited, and their security needs most. Chen Yi peace, therefore, his team wanted to use combination of hardware and software to connect to his family: close to find at the end of youth to use mobile App, the elderly and the children can use hardware watches, bracelets to confirm the security situation.

designed for children, older people warm heart smart watches

this around family care App for sweet orange tone interface, in view of the family members of three kinds of feature set in emotional needs. A, security needs, positioning and footprint automatic sign-in functionality to guarantee; Two, communication needs, by one click to chat, between the App and the App is very like to watch convenient remind Apple watch feel each other heart; Three, sharing needs, to find his family in person in the community can be done with sharing, exchange of experience.

do App hunting cloud network security positioning between relatives and friends before reported from the wuhan optical valley. Close to 360 although there are similarities and find, but facing the crowd is not coincidence. The former is relationship oriented adults, the latter for the elderly and the children of the family design a simple and easy to use smart watches.

according to the team, the unit price of 699 close to find smart watches is now mass production, raise sales in all the stages. It has a real-time positioning, remote pickup, footprint query, set up the safety area function. Watch on the location will be updated in real time in the phone app, make the silicone material is harmless to skin, life reached a charge and durable three days.

about close to find the business model and the future development of

“we mainly from three business models: one is based on the software, to find a family precision customers with value-added services, including and the combination of some O2O service; 2 it is wearable product marketing; Three is as context-aware positioning and the open of information distribution between software and hardware technology, and more related requirements of the depth of cooperation partners.” Close to find the founder Chen Yiping convective cloud network said. Team is currently a total of 17 people, mostly members of the research and development; In addition to Chen Yiping has three core members li, zhang chong army, Ceng Ping, respectively in baidu, huawei and TCL working experience.

find affinity team is building context-aware positioning and channel distribution platform of software and hardware, and the App will optimize the function of family, community and more operation, perfect the product line of wearable.

find affinity founder Chen Yiping recently told cloud network exclusive hunting, in July last year in the process of team of hardware development, close to find the project got the 5 million bejing angel investment, investors are Wang Yuehua. Team said they hope to get A round of funding this year.