Exclusive: small fish at tens of millions of dollars to B round of funding


source at hunting cloud network exclusive said, the small fish at home has been finished in the near future B round, amounting to tens of millions of dollars. This is the once again after A round of $4.4 million in financing by capital market.

it is unclear whether the amount of this round of financing and investment agency behind it. Hunting cloud network to fish at home when the personage inside, each other has confirmed company has completed the financing, but is yet to be released into the specific details of financing.

. Company was formally established in early 2014, founded jointly by song myfeng, xing-guo zhao et al. Among them, the song myfeng has founded 3 d virtual world platform easy city blue sky, after the YY became the general manager YY open platform after the acquisition. Earlier this year, the original POLYCOM (POLYCOM) global vice President and general manager Mr Wen-hui yuan China join the little fish technology, served as chairman and COO. The company was founded at the beginning of the obtained innovation works and the speed of light AnZhen totaling $4.4 million in A round of investment.

at present, the company main product for the intelligent hardware products “small fish” in the home, this product can realize mobile phone remote control, audio and video communication, voice interaction, intelligent recording and intelligent learning, etc. , for example, parents can through the network to realize the video conversation, view the home in, received emergency report, etc. Product officially on sale in late January, the price is 2999 yuan.

fish at home thinking some similar millet, while main QingGanShi with hardware sales, again through the video capture products, such as large data extension technology to diversified services, such as online space such as education, health care value.