“Exclusive” small carriage ring + App to build cars O2O scenes of life, has won 2 million angels

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

pony smart car ring + pony clicking App

a pony clicking by cool small carriage of ring and a pony App, intentions for the majority of drivers in driving boring process, open a direct car life scenes of the entrance, it belongs to wuhan sunshine card technology co., LTD.

a pony clicking, founder and CEO He Gang, graduated from beihang university, worked in Internet and automobile industry for many years; He worked for the Microsoft co-founder and CTO JingHui, technical expert team; Liu Chun another core team members, is a postdoctoral fellow at huazhong university of science and technology, is mainly responsible for the hardware plate. The team is currently a total of 15 people.

10 o ‘clock in the morning of June 3, the pony car clicking ring officially went on sale in jingdong the raise, played a top 50 fresh price as long as the 59 RMB per rob, at 7 to 12 to raise 100566 yuan.

the price is a common but very cool smart car ring, currently has a silvery white pearl and cool diablo two choices, minimalist design, according to the knob is convenient, “Asian thumb mean radius is 8 mm, our product design for the 12 mm radius of knob, turn the knob, the driver thumb occupied area is just right.” Pony clicking products operating personnel Hu Xiaoxing convective cloud network said. Car ring installation is very convenient, only with a small circle of screws to tighten on the wheel, if you don’t have electricity, take out the battery insert the special configuration of the car charger to charge the car charger has reserved two USB interface: 1 a common charging, 2 a quick charge. By car ring built-in FM converter, a small ring to transmit a mobile music can also be to the stereo, for drivers in the journey to enjoy. In addition, a small ring and the pony softwares, a key driver can take photos, listen to music, making phone calls and instant chat – is, of course, on the premise of guarantee the driving safety.

driving security interaction experience is the core of the pony clicking

drivers with friends and family, a car is often like a and mobile home or company, founder of the pony clicking He Gang believe that automobile from the simple transportation into more and more important “life”, the car has its unique life scene needs and pain points: on the one hand, the various life scenes of a PC or mobile phone applications (e.g., listening to music, chat, and take pictures), by the driver is likely to need; The safety of drivers, on the other hand, is always the first. Therefore, suitable for driving the use of “security interaction” is a pony clicking diligent direction of the initial priority.

this way reflected on her pony clicking products, respectively, has two parts: one is hardware, for driving safety, the driver can only use “fingers” scope of operation, voice commands, such as expression to interact – pony clicking car ring to achieve; Second, software, simplified interface and fragmentation affairs are onboard software must uphold the concept of – pony App interface simple and pure and fresh.

“when these basic interaction experience is done, it is not hard to imagine that when people are driving can be relatively easy to catch, social order, and even using voice search engine query information… , so we think, PC, mobile phone and television, cars will become the fourth largest application entrance equipment, among which there is a great opportunity.” He Gang convective cloud network said.

the future hope to develop a pony clicking OS

according to pony clicking team, lateral, pony products will, from the perspective of the rich hardware product line in the future, gradually formed with the pony clicking host as the center, special camera, OBD via bluetooth network connection equipment, vehicle control equipment, air purification equipment and so on transboundary intelligent electronic products. Vertically, the team will be in the platform of the pony clicking integration and transformation of various existing mobile application, all kinds of software and hardware connection to become “one system”, to facilitate users.

“pony clicking is an entry level products, advertising, value-added services and O2O drainage mode has a huge commercial value. Prophase and the functional development of the products of the company operating as the core task to attract and adhesion users, after the amount could be realized gradually began to try a variety of different patterns.” Founder He Gang convective cloud network said.

according to pony clicking team, in October 2014, the company received A jersey thick Beijing 2 million angel rounds of capital investment, the current team is looking for the Pre – A round of funding.