“Exclusive” show “Pogo” modern sky strategic investment

March 23

cloud network exclusive hunting, according to the Chinese music scene “Pogo” comprehensive service application for China’s largest modern sky music company strategic investment, modern sky saw with Pogo product hit music set up joint venture company, to build China’s largest music together live online service platform.

Pogo building China’s music crowds gathering place

Comprehensive service application Pogo

the Chinese music scene at the end of 2013, produced by depending on the incoming music “Pogo” is the result of rock site specific, unleashing passion for music, use the expression body collide with each other. Product support conditions query more local and national music performance happened at any time, can meet the social needs of consumers from the network to the scene of the music. Pogo hundred cities covering the whole country at present, more than 500 performance venues, more than 4000 group of more than 10000 bands and artists the performance information, and a detailed introduction about the artist and the performance, perpendicular to the live music audience, high coverage, has a good reputation in the music lovers. Product after several iterations, since the launch from performing queries to the social function, then gradually open the video, the electricity business section, such as universal coverage at the scene of music consumption of each entry, satisfy the music field comprehensive demand of consumers, become music crowds gathered online platform.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, founder of the Pogo warren bishop was senior media and music project, add the rice no network, and network joint venture, and jointly founded theater community “drama net” cow and independent podcast “ouchi commune”, through the mobile Internet industry system. Based on the years the love of music, in 2013 joined the independent music label inspect incoming music, developed the perpendicular to the music performing O2O products industry. Thinking on the product and the process of trial and error, Pogo team gradually perfect the function of products, to win at the same time, a group of loyal users people gained much attention in the field of music industry and capital.

layout of modern sky mobile Internet

fashionable sky was founded in 1997, is the most original music cultural influence of domestic companies, is also the largest festival operations. Modern music festival, strawberry festival, different series, such as the nature to wake music festival music products, live music benign ecological environment, China hosted thousands of music performances each year. Last October, modern sky music festival held in central park, New York, as China’s music industry annual big event. At present, the company owned by artists including maggie cheung, manipulation, qiang zhang, induced, new pants, ZuoXiaoZu charm, clubs, supermarkets, tongue, hand rose, su Yang, universal youth hostel, song dong ye, ma Di, yao 10 third class, covers the different style, different audience of more than 50 set of independent music creators.

the Pogo strategic investment in modern sky, based on both sides of the music industry vertical mobile products in the future development trend of the common judgment. The Chinese music industry development report 2014 pointed out that China’s music market annual total scale has reached 200 billion yuan, of which only music performance that industry reached 14 billion, 20 billion film industry and market scale, market scale, 10.8 billion TV industry in the same order of magnitude. According to the data of Pogo background, according to a 2014 annual national large festival nearly field, livehouse over 7000 performances. Compared with 2013 figures, not only improve session, as China’s urbanization process, also presents the wide from north to the capital city, and the trend of the second-tier cities expansion.

as the nation’s largest modern sky music festival operations and artist brokerage, Pogo as the pioneer of China’s live performance service products, has a natural cooperation basis on resources. In the face of every level must music of a live audience, the advantages of music industry resources and mobile Internet products will be closely integrated, realize the double import of resources and capital, and starts with the improvement of the ticketing function, meet the demands for the depth of the live music groups, from online to offline of the consumption experience.