Exclusive: ROM meter logistics won $126 million B round of funding

ROM meter logistics freight platform (the original mule trail logistics) CEO Song Rui exclusive said in an interview with hunting cloud network, the company has won several joint capital injection of us $126 million B round of funding.

ROM meter logistics, founder and CEO Song Rui special assistant, is a former lanting collection of potential President also early as mobile Internet industry management consultant at pricewaterhousecoopers, a master degree in university of California Berkeley. Team members from gravels, jingdong, alibaba, such as the Internet, the logistics company, the team has more than 7 years or above experience of logistics operation Montana and product manager.

after the ROM meter logistics successively in five million angel round xiao-ping xu and IDG capital being A round of funding, amount of us $126 million B round also refresh the new records of the same platform for financing.

ROM meter is hunting cloud network reported early entrepreneurial projects, Song Rui today when communicating and hunting cloud network said “the earliest for our online reporting is hunting cloud network, your correspondent unearthed ability is great, then we are still in the team.” Song Rui said it would increase and talent to the market.

ROM meter logistics positioning is for yourself: wisdom logistics software. For the logistics companies, shipping companies, distribution station, the third party logistics, the owner, the owner provides query logistics, logistics management, logistics options available sources of information release, bidding, logistics lines information release, etc. Current meter have to distribution stations across the country, freight information, options available supply of goods, the owner online orders, can choose the carrier vehicle, vehicle bidding and return empty bid greatly reduce the freight. ROM meter to do is based on the logistics information of the Internet trading platform, is committed to provide logistics owners looking for goods, delivery vehicle trading services, etc.

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